All You Need To Know About Animated Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

In this ever-evolving digital era, it won’t be wrong to say social media platforms are leading the world. People use social media worldwide, and Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with billions of audiences. Instagram is popular among social media platforms because of its incredible features, including Instagram reels.

Thousands of content creators post incredible reels on their accounts daily. However, animated Instagram reels are one of the growing types of reels that have a significant effect on viewers. If you are a content creator, then it’s time to step ahead of the crowd and be a trendsetter. Today, I will tell you all you need to know about animated Instagram reels.

What are animated Instagram reels?

Animated Instagram reels are short videos of up to 20 to 30 seconds with animated characters in them. They are primarily used to promote personal brands on Instagram. They contain a proper plot with a start, midpoint, and ending.

Benefits of Using Animated Instagram Reels

Animated videos are emerging tools for businesses to convey their message and boost their brand presence on social media. Check out the advantages of using reels that feature anime.


Animated reels present vibrant visuals to viewers that grab their attention immediately, which increases viewer engagement and retention.

Convey Ideas

Short videos with animated effects simplify complex ideas and convey a message to a broad audience quickly.

Universal Appeal

Animated Instagram reels reach a wider audience regardless of any language barrier. They expand your reach by attracting audiences worldwide.


The characters in your animated videos become memorable for the audience because of their visuals. It helps you establish an unforgettable brand identity.

Cost Effective

Animated videos are easy to create on an affordable budget as compared to shooting live-action reels. They save you time and energy and give you more reach.

Conversion Rate

They significantly boost your business’s marketing strategy and improve your conversion rate by getting more sales. Animated reels contain a unique appeal. So, people fondly view your product reels, get impressed, and purchase them too.

Mobile Friendly

Most users use Instagram as a mobile app and scroll through reels with their thumbs. Animated reels increase profile impressions because they are mobile-friendly.

Evoke Emotions  

Animated reels give you creative freedom. You can visualize any idea and make your imagination come to life via animated characters. Strong narratives and attractive characters can evoke emotions in the audience and build strong connections.

How Can We Create an Animated Instagram Reel?

After reading about the benefits animated reels can bring to your business, you must be wondering how to make such top-notch short reels. You can also save Instagram reels that are animated reels to get some ideas for brainstorming. Insta reel saver has an easy solution to saving animated reels on your gallery without any restrictions.

Follow the given steps to create an animated Instagram reel.

  1. Open any online 2D animation tool and sign up to start creating a reel.
  2. Prepare a script for your reels by using any AI tool for free.
  3. Select a solid background color and animated characters according to your script.
  4. Move, rotate, resize your animated characters, and give a command to follow the script.
  5. Review your reel; if you are satisfied, tap the download button.
  6. Upload your reel to Instagram and other social media platforms to boost your advertising campaign.


The Instagram algorithm prioritizes reels with fresh and unique content. Animated Instagram reels are unique in their theme and concept. Hence, they get more reach. We explored some of the benefits of animated IG reels, the steps to create them and the use of Instagram reels saver to save from Insta reel that are animated. So, waste no more time and create your own animated reels for your brand to stand out in the crowd.