Animal Kingdom Season 6: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled?

Animal Kingdom Season 6

There are plenty of adventure series available on television as well as the numerous OTT platforms. Animal one such series that has received a mad fan following and viewers from across the globe for its fresh storytelling and story. 

The series is based on an Australian movie that was released in the year 2010, under the same name, and was made by David Michôd. David is also the executive producer of this movie along with producer Liz Watts. 

The protagonist character which was played by Jacki Weaver in the movie has been played by Janine “Smurf” Cody in the television series. The show revolves around the life of a 17-year-old boy, whose mother dies and after her death, he has to live with his relatives, the Codys. The Cody’s are a criminal family and Smurf is the matriarch of the family who takes all the major decisions.

Show Details:

TV Series: Animal Kingdom
Genre: Crime drama

Family drama

Serial drama

Original run: June 14, 2016 –


Producers Jinny Howe

Andrew Stearn

Terri Murphy

Llewellyn Wells

Liz Watts

David Michôd

Eliza Clark

Andrew Stearn

Jonathan Lisco

John Wells

Etan Frankel

Christopher Chulack

Created by: Jonathan Lisco
Based on: Animal Kingdom

by David Michôd

Starcast: Ellen Barkin

Scott Speedman

Shawn Hatosy

Ben Robson

Jake Weary

Finn Cole

Daniella Alonso

Molly Gordon

Carolina Guerra

Sohvi Rodriguez

Leila George

Jon Beavers

Rigo Sanchez

Composers: Theme music by

Atticus Ross & Claudia Sarne,

Alexis & Sam

Original language: English

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release Date

More about the show:

Animal Kingdom is an American television series that belongs to the genres of Crime drama, Family drama, and Serial drama. It is based on an Australian movie named Animal Kingdom which was created by David Michôd. 

The show has been developed by Jonathan Lisco and it stars Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, Daniella Alonso, Molly Gordon, Carolina Guerra, Sohvi Rodriguez, Leila George, Jon Beavers, and Rigo Sanchez in important roles. 

The Theme music composers of the show were Atticus Ross & Claudia Sarne and its background score was given by Alexis & Sam. The show originated from the United States and was made in English. It had 5 seasons and 62 episodes. The executive producers of the show are Liz Watts, David Michôd, Eliza Clark, Andrew Stearn, Jonathan Lisco, John Wells, Etan Frankel, and Christopher Chulack. 

The show has been produced by Jinny Howe, Andrew Stearn, Terri Murphy, and Llewellyn Wells. The Production locations for the show were Oceanside in California and Los Angeles in California. Its Cinematography has been accomplished by Danny Moder and Loren Yaconelli. 

Each of its episodes is about 45–55 minutes long. The companies involved in its production are John Wells Productions, Warner Horizon Television, and Warner Bros. Television. Its official Distributor is Warner Bros. Television Distribution. The show was released across networks like TNT and it premiered on June 14, 2016.


The show revolves around the life of a 17-year-old boy who has lost his mother. After his mother’s death, he has to shift in with his relatives. The Codys allow him to live with them but they are a criminal family and are headed by their matriarch Smurf.


  • The character of Janine “Smurf” Cody was played by Ellen Barkin, Rimea Kasprzak, and Leila George.
  • The character of Barry “Baz” Blackwell was played by Scott Speedman and Reeve Baker.
  • The character of Andrew “Pope ” Cody was played by Shawn Hatosy and Houston Towe.
  • The character of Craig Cody was played by Ben Robson.
  • The character of Deran Cody was played by Jake Weary.
  • The character of Joshua “J” Cody was played by Finn Cole.
  • The character of Catherine Blackwell was played by Daniella Alonso.
  • The character of Nicky Belmont was played by Molly Gordon.
  • The character of Lucy was played by Carolina Guerra. 
  • The character of Mia Benitez was played by Sohvi Rodriguez.
  • The character of Jake Dunmore was played by Jack Conley and Jon Beavers.


Animal Kingdom had five seasons released till now and a total of 62 episodes. Its first season aired from June 14, 2016 to August 9, 2016, and had 10 episodes. Its second season aired from May 30, 2017, to August 29, 2017, and had 13 episodes. Its third season aired from May 29, 2018, to August 21, 2018, and it had 13 episodes. Its fourth episode aired from May 28, 2019, to August 20, 2019, and had 13 episodes. Its fifth season aired from July 11, 2021, to October 3, 2021, and had 13 episodes.

Season 1:

  • The first episode was named Pilot.
  • The second episode was named We Don’t Hurt People.
  • The third episode was named Stay Close, Stick Together.
  •  The fourth episode was named Dead to Me.
  • The fifth episode was named Flesh Is Weak.
  • The sixth episode was named Child Care.
  • The seventh episode was named Goddamn Animals.
  • The eighth episode was named Man In.
  • The ninth episode was named Judas Kiss.
  • The tenth episode was named What Have You Done.

Season 2:

  • The first episode was named Eat What You Kill.
  • The second episode was named Karma.
  • The third episode was named Bleed for It.
  • The fourth episode was named Broken Boards.
  • The fifth episode was named Forgive Us Our Trespasses.
  • The sixth episode was named Cry Havoc.
  • The seventh episode was named Dig.
  • The eighth episode was named Grace.
  • The ninth episode was named Custody.
  • The tenth episode was named Treasure.
  • The eleventh episode was named The Leopard.
  • The twelfth episode was named You Will Be Gutted.
  • The thirteenth episode was named Betrayal.

Will there be a season 6?

Ever since the fifth season of Animal Kingdom went off the air, fans of the show have been waiting for any information regarding its sixth season. Well, let’s see what we know.

The fifth season of Animal Kingdom premiered on July 11, 2021. Before its release, makers of the show, TNT, renewed it for its sixth season on January 14, 2021. On March 6, 2021, the production of the sixth was started. We can expect the sixth season to release towards the end of 2021 or in the initial months of 2022.