Personal Life Of Ari Serbin Macht

Ari Serbin Macht

Ari Serbin Macht is the celebrity brother of the famous tv personality, Gabriel Macht, best known for his character Harvey Specter in the TV drama, Suits. He is the son of another famous tv star, Stephen Macht and his gorgeous wife Suzanne Victoria Pulier Macht. He has one more brother, who is a singer and his name is Jesse Macht. His sister goes by the name Julie Macht.

Ari Macht’s Famous Brother, Gabriel Macht

Gabriel Swann Macht was born on the 22nd day of January in 1972. He is an American performer and movie producer best known for starring as Harvey Specter on USA Network’s Suits (2011–2019) and as the main protagonist in the 2008 comic book movie The Spirit.

Macht was conceived to a Jewish mom and dad in The Bronx, New York City. He is the heir of exhibition creative director and museum curator Suzanne Victoria Pulier and performer Stephen Macht. Jesse, a music producer (who showed up on The Next Great American Band), Ari Serbin, and Julie are his three brothers and sister.

Macht was brought up in California since he was five years old. He regularly attended Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts after finishing high school at Beverly Hills High School in 1994. Throughout his moment at Carnegie Mellon, he enlisted in the fraternity Delta Upsilon.

He is married to Jacinda Barrett, an actress of Australian origin. He has two kids with her. One of them is a girl who was born in Los Angeles in 2007, August. Their second child is a boy, who was born in 2014, February.

Ari Macht’s Dad, Stephen Macht

Stephen Robert Macht was born on 1st of May, 1942. He is a veteran film and television performer from the United States. Gabriel Macht, an actor and director, is also his child. They both appeared in the US courtroom drama Suits, in which Stephen played Henry Gerard, an Ethics Law Professor at Harvard University, as well along with his son Gabriel.

Macht was negotiated to an agreement by Universal Studios after being discovered by a casting agent while performing at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada in 1975. By the 1960s and 1970s, he had left education and was generating recurrent cameos in tv shows and cinematic movies.

In the 1977 motion picture Raid on Entebbe, he played Yoni Netanyahu, an Israeli cop killed while saving captives in Uganda. He played the main protagonist in The Immigrants, a broadcast network new series regarding the emergence of the child of Italian immigrants in spin San Francisco, in 1978.

Ari Macht’s Education & Career

Although the rest of the Macht family keeps popping up in the spotlight, Ari Serbin Macht has managed to reveal the bare minimum to the media. Not much is known about hi or his profession. It is however a running joke that he looks so much like his brothers, that people often confuse them to be triplets.

Ari Macht’s Net Worth

The total money Ari Serbin Macht ravishes in is not known to the public, however, his brother, Gabriel Macht does enjoy quite a lavish lifestyle much like his Suits character, Harvey Specter. He is estimated to be worth anywhere near 8 to 10 million US dollars.