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Dining Room Sideboard Hack

Dining Room Sideboard Hack

Shopping for furniture can be a hit or a miss. Sometimes, you find just the perfect one you need for your space with no need for upgrades or improvements. Other times, you just have to make do and manage what you get. The good thing is, if you know a few hacks and you’re down for some DIY, you may be able to upgrade what you currently have into what you’ve always wanted. In this article, we’ll explore some essential dining room sideboard hacks that can help improve the appearance and functionality of your sideboard.

Revamp the Appearance With Paint or Wallpaper

Sometimes, a little dash of colour can make a world of difference in the appearance of your sideboard and how it fits into your space. Give your sideboard a new personality with a fresh coat of paint or a fun wallpaper design. With the right colour, you can make your sideboard the focal point of your room. It’s also an effective way to get the sideboard you want without changing the colour or design of your dining room completely.

Install New Hardware

This hack is about both the functionality and appearance of your sideboard. You can update the appearance of your sideboard by installing some new hardware. For instance, consider changing the pull or knobs on the sideboard. This will give it an updated appearance and make it more stylish.

You can also add a mirror to the front panel of the sideboard. Not only does this transform the board’s appearance, but it also makes your dining space look larger than usual. For functionality, consider adding some shelves inside the sideboard cabinet. This gives you extra space to keep things organised. You can create space for napkins, cups, mugs, napkin rings, and other dining accessories on the sideboard instead of having them spread throughout my house in different storage pieces.

Convert It Into a Coffee Bar or Wine Storage

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Your sideboard can be more than just a serving station for food. You can convert it into a coffee bar by adding a space for your coffee maker, mugs, canisters and other accessories. And if coffee isn’t your preferred beverage, a sideboard can make a good mini wine bar, too. Just add a wine rack or fridge somewhere above the sideboard. If you have enough space, you can add a few extra seats next to the sideboard.

Repurpose the Sideboard’s Top Surface

Here’s a hack that does not require any heavy lifting; you just have to think of other possible uses for the top surface of your sideboard. You can turn it into a gallery space decorated with pictures, artwork or sculptures for inspiration. And if you’ve been considering adding some greenery into your living space, get a potted plant that grows well indoors and place it on the sideboard.