Peeking Into Life Of Geri Eisenmenger

Geri Eisenmenger

Geri Eisenmenger is the first wife of the famous composer and singer Daniel Robert Elfman. Geri gained so much popularity from her singer husband. Nonetheless, the woman gained the limelight after her divorce from Daniel Robert Elfman.

As the article proceeds the reader will get an ample amount of information about Geri Eisenmenger. Some segments of the blog will. also, convey a brief description of her husband, kids and so on.

Geri Eisenmenger’s Early Life

There is not much information about Geri Eisenmenger AKA Mrs Daniel Robert Elfman. She is not the kind of person who will disclose everything about her life just to gain the spotlight. It is not possible to acquire much about who Geri’s parents are or where she had spent her childhood.

Geri Eisenmenger’s Married Life

At a very young age, Geri Eisenmenger married Daniel Robert Elfman. The couple has two daughters. However, after a long term marriage, both of them parted ways. After the divorce, Robert Elfman decided to give his married life a chance and tied the knot with Bridget Fonda in 2009.

Geri Eisenmenger’s Kids

The above paragraph depicts Geri having two daughters named Lola and Mali. Nonetheless, she also has a stepson named Oliver. He is the only son from Elfman’s second marriage.

Geri Eisenmenger’s Husband

Daniel Robert Elfman’s date of birth is 29th May 1953 in Los Angeles, California, the U.S. He started his career at the age of 19 as a songwriter and composer. Gradually, Elfman explored himself and stepped down towards the acting genre. In the early 1980s, he bought a wave in the song composition world which helped him to gain proper recognition internationally. This talented personality has been honoured with several awards like Oscar nominations, Grammy,  Emmy Awards, Saturn Awards and so on. In 2017 he was awarded the Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award.

Daniel Robert Elfman is the one who brought up the essence of mixed culture. He belongs to a well-educated family. However, just like other family members Elfman’s parents also wanted him to be like them and enrich his career in science.

Geri Eisenmenger’s Husband’s Net Worth

Till now the reader is much aware of who Daniel Robert Elfman is. Elfman’s tremendous talent and working ability have helped him to earn a lot and lead a beautiful life. According to sources Daniel Robert Elfman has approximately 50 million dollars as his net worth.

Geri Eisenmenger’s Net Worth

After searching for several pieces of evidence about Geri Eisenmenger it is more possible to gain much information about what she had done in leading her life. No information about her net worth is there.


Geri Eisenmenger is known because of her ex-husband. So it is not apparent to collect much data about her life and work. It is not apparent to convey whatever we can just to grab the attention of the people as it’s an illegal act. However, this entire article contains all kinds of information about Geri Eisenmenger and her life. It’s well evident that the fans are not confined to the United States as their presence is felt worldwide.