How to Choose; The Best 4×4 Tires for Winter

4x4 Tires for Winter

The winter season serves as a stern reminder for all 4×4 truck and pick-up owners who do not just drive but enjoy off-road adventures. But to be on the safe side, one needs reliable and top tires for their trucks, SUVs, and pickups. In recent years, 4×4 tires have become increasingly popular among driving enthusiasts, especially for use in winter. To make the best decision for your suitable winter companion in the form of a 4×4 tire, you must look into 3 important aspects that are:

3 Important aspects


You cannot just take any tire for a spin on an icy road and put your safety at extreme risk. A 4×4 owner must understand that safety is the most important feature to look out for while choosing the perfect 4×4 tire for the winter season.


While we are aware that safety should not be compromised, especially in the face of harsh winter weather and icy roads. But all driving enthusiasts would agree that they need a powerful set of tires to make any challenging journey enjoyable during the winter.


The versatility of a car is directly related to the kind of tires chosen by the owner. As versatility increases, so does the comfort factor. So, in a way, you can ensure a comfortable ride in your pickup, SUV, or even truck if you have chosen a versatile pair of winter tires.

Before we delve into the top tires you can get, let us get acquainted with the 3 main types of 4×4 tires best suited for winter to know what you should go for:


Often dubbed as “highway tires,” on-road tires are perhaps the most common type available. A person cannot go wrong with on-road tires to make their trips in the city comfortable as well as safe. They are a common man’s best friend because of their high fuel efficiency and versatility when it comes to 4×4 tires. A lot of people also take their on-road 4×4 tires for a spin off-road to enjoy the thrill. But it depends on the road conditions whether doing that is safe or risky.


Off-road driving enthusiasts prefer to run a 4×4 with tires made of hard rubber to avoid getting punctured easily. The best off-road 4×4 tires feature high blocks on the thread, which is to provide remarkable grip on rough terrain with mud, gravel, etc. You can also expect extra protection from these tires owing to their wide sidewall. But its on-road performance is weak.

All terrain

If you are someone who often rides to an outstation to enjoy going free on some rough terrain before coming back to the city, then these tires are for you. With this pair, one does not have to make a choice between getting either on-road or off-road tires as they serve each of their purposes. The best thing about all-terrain tires is their resistance and performance, but they have quite low fuel efficiency.

Now that we have an idea of the different types of 4×4 tires, it is time to choose the top tires for winter. The following is a list of award-winning 4×4 tires manufactured by accomplished companies that guarantee all the three distinguishing characteristics such as safety, versatility, and power, which are the main considerations for 4×4 owners and driving enthusiasts.

Continental WinterContact TS 870

After being put to the test for several years, Conti’s WinterContact turned out to be one of the best 4×4 winter tires. With its best braking record, the sharpness of its design makes it great for handling tracks without tipping the balance. Though it was launched in late 2021, its popularity has won it many awards for having the best overall features. It offers a special advantage for those who drive off-road despite the wet ground conditions.

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005

Just like Continental’s aforementioned 4×4 winter tire, the Blizzak by Bridgestone was considered one of the top tires for years in the past. The Japanese manufacturer has always been a popular choice for peak performance tires that have better handling and several braking records under their belt. This one is no less than an effective 4×4 tire with great wet braking as well as handling abilities.

Giti Compete X-Grip.

As the name suggests, this one is Giti’s best-ever 4×4 tire, which is perfect for SUVs and all off-road driving challenges. These have been tried and tested by none other than Giti’s own team of professionals, who have used them on impossibly challenging tracks, including icy mountain tracks and even on rough sand and gravel. Driving enthusiasts swear by their wet performance as well, which makes it highly recommended for 4×4 in winter.


The aforementioned top tires are perfect for anyone who would love to take their wheels and tires for an adventure on challenging roads in winter.