Maid Sama season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Maid Sama season 2

Watching most of the romantic anime series might make you presume that Maid Sama also falls into the usual romantic comedy genre. This might make you switch to some other entertainment show. But hold on before switching on to other alternatives. What I mean to say when you delve into watching this rom-com anime series, you will soon figure out that Maid Sama is more than just the same usual stuff. 

You must have watched plenty of anime shows with some popular ones like ‘Say ’’I Love You, Toradora, or Inuyasha. But when you comb through a list of rom-com anime, then Maid Sama is one such name that would line up at the top. Believe it you will find this anime series different from other anime shows that you have watched till now. 

The reason is that Maid Sama is not completely centralized on fan service for its humor content. Moreover, if you look up to the lead character of Maid Sama, she does not appear too curvy. You will see her as a normal teen in high school as it should be. Even though by getting familiar with the characters of Maid Sama, you will love the portrayal of bonding between the characters, which according to me is the cutest thing to watch out for. 

The anime series might appear to be a laugh-out-loud comedy anime show, but instead, it is much more precise and will make you half-suppressed laugh most of the time. The practicality of this anime is its plus point. The real story of Maid Sama is very enlightening and the best part is the beautiful presentation of love between the two leading characters without giving much involvement in physical interactions. 

The story of Maid Sama is upright, accurate, and with a very simple approach. Season 1 of Maid Sama came a very long time ago, which raises doubt about its follow-up season. But it is not the case with Maid Sama alone. There have been other anime shows that came up very late with their new seasons after the hiatus of ten years. 

So there can be a possibility to expect the new installment of the Maid Sama anime series further. But there is one major issue that hits the latter anime is its theme ‘maid cafe’. This leads to criticism of the show and is held for being sexist. Because of this, the anime lost the grip of its fan following and popularity. These are the few negative points of this anime show. Well, if you are expecting the second installment of it soon, then let us find out in this article. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Maid Sama
Genre: Romantic comedy
Directed by: Hiroaki Sakurai
Produced by: Akio Matsuda
Place Of Origin: Japan
Original network: TBS, BS-TBS, Animax Asia
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 26

Maid Sama season 2 Release Date

Story plot

The story of Maid Sama centers around the character named Ayuzawa Misaki, a senior girl at a boys’ school that has recently started welcoming girl students. The boys at this school have an errant notion about them and are known for creating trouble. Misaki becomes the first female to become the president of the student council at a boy’s school. She is here to formulate discipline in the school and remove the tarnished image.

Taking the responsibility of the president of the student council at the boy’s school, Misaki implements stricter and harsh rules to bring reform in the school. Because of this, she is hated by most boys who term her as Demon President. But on the flip side, her strict image is admired by girl students and school staff who consider her as a role model and a new ray of hope.

Misaki carries the reputation of a ruthless dictator in the school, portrayed by boys. But she is the opposite of her nature outside. To earn a living, she helps her single mother in a cafe doing a part-time job as a maid. Misaki fears that what if her secret of working as a maid in a cafe spills out to everyone. If that happens, the image she has created in school will be ruined soon after. 

Fear of secrets getting revealed

And so comes what she has not expected. One day, Misaki steps outside the cafe in her maid attire. There Usui Takumi, a popular school kid spots her. She becomes insecure, fearing that he would let everyone know about her secret. But she gets a sigh of relief when, to her surprise, Takumi doesn’t do anything to make her fear losing her reputation in school. Instead, he keeps the secret to himself. But now the secret becomes the reason for Takumi to develop closeness to Misaki. 

Takumi falls in love with Misaki

Takumi is shown as a school kid who is very popular in the school. Before Misaki, he never had developed feelings for any other girls before. But this time, he gets flattened with the beauty of his female school president. However, in the case of Misaki, she does not feel all good about it, as it would rather bring trouble for her. 

Season 1

Now what happens next will not be revealed to you as we don’t want to spoil the craze of watching the anime show yourself. The concept and the characters have been cleared to you. So it is better to leave it here now. Season 1 of Maid Sama came up to a not-so-clear conclusive end that would give us hints for what will happen in season 2. Hence, if the new installment of the anime series happens to release someday, then it will come up with a new storyline but the characters would remain the same. 

When to expect the second season of Maid Sama?

The premiere of Maid Sama season 1 came in 2010 on 2nd April and came to an end in the same year on 24th September. It streamed with a total of twenty-six episodes slightly exceeding the common format of 24 episodes. Now coming up to the release date of the second season, we must accept the fact that some anime end up good in their first season.