Marco Polo season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and the Latest Updates

Marco Polo Season 3

You can rely on Marco Polo for epic television movies based on historical fiction, fantasy, and drama. One of the greatest shows streaming on Netflix for the past five years is rooted in Marco Polo’s early years at the court of Kublai Khan.

In December 2014, Netflix released the first episode of the program. Netflix renewed Marco Polo for a second season in January 2015, which was released in July 2016. John Fusco created the show, which stars Lorenzo Richelmy as the main protagonist.

Both seasons of Marco Polo drew mixed reactions from fans and professionals. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix lost $200 million throughout both seasons. Netflix and The Weinstein Company have agreed to cancel Marco Polo Season 3 together. However, many fans tried to convince the producers to extend the series for another season. 

Show Details

TV Series: Marco Polo
Genre: Historical Drama Adventure
Created By: John Fusco
Star Cast: Lorenzo Richelmy Benedict Wong 

Joan Chen

Rick Yune

Amr Waked

Remy Hii

Zhu Zhu & others

Place of Origin: United States
Composer: Peter Nashel

Eric V. Hachikian

Original Language English
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 20+1 special

Marco Polo Season 3 release date

Story Plot

As mentioned before, the story plot of Marco Polo is based on his early years at the Kublai Khan’s court.  In many aspects, the series resembles reports of a Venetian trader from the 13th century.  

The plot depicts the adventures of the Mongolian Army, headed by the ferocious Kublai Khan, as it battles with the Chinese Army for dominance. In the midst of all, there is Marco Polo who is trapped in Kublai Khan’s court, and as a result, a participant in the struggle between the Chinese and the Mongolians. The drama gradually moves between both groups, displaying their opposing points of view, however,  it might be difficult to follow at times as it veers off to depict several distinct individuals. Although the series begins slowly, it finally gains traction before an amazing climax that makes the wait up to that point worthwhile.

To know the story, you have to watch Marco Polo’s Season 1 and 2.  And to generate interest in watching this drama series, let us give you an overview of what happens in seasons 1 and 2 of the Marco Polo series. For much of the first half of the season, the persona of Marco Polo himself is shrouded in shadow. Given the expectation that the program would be focused on the explorer, it’s a daring move, but it works well in the context of the struggle at hand. The numerous subplots are ingeniously intertwined throughout the main struggle, but they can be difficult to follow at times as the tale bounces from the Chinese to the Mongols and back again. All of this would not be an issue except that the series progresses at such a slow pace that it lacks intensity at critical times, which is only relieved late in the first season. Many of the faults with Marco Polo are addressed out as the season goes, and the suffocatingly slow pace finally gives up, allowing for a more pleasant experience.

People are eagerly awaiting the conclusion of Marco Polo Season 2. Last but not least, Marco, Jingim, and Byamba have remained loyal to the Khan. “The Fellowship” was the season 2 finale of Marco Polo. Kublai Khan will lose everything after the series, including his abilities. Because a new foe has entered the Mongol Empire’s domain. Many politicians were attempting to make judgments that would affect their families’ livelihoods. While others concentrated on making the correct decision. Kublai assured his wife that she should not be concerned about her tummy. Empress Chabi had compelled a servant to rape Princess Kokachin. In the end, Kublai and his wife reached an agreement. 

The Empress’s efforts for family security were failing. Some ladies were committing suicide due to insanity. The depiction of Zhu Zhu also caused a false princess’ delight. The topic of the second season was family. In episode 5, Ahmed’s history is revealed. Kublai’s bastard son is Ahmed. Ahmed’s mother was murdered by the Khan’s soldiers. Her mother, on the other hand, was still alive and working as a mistress. Ahmed, on the other hand, had sex with her unintentionally. After learning the facts, this was extremely humiliating for him. All of Khan’s predictions came true in the end. Marco allowed his father to survive after the crusader fight. It was difficult for him. In addition, Empress Chabi has permitted him to return to Italy.


Now let us get to know about the actors who played significant roles in the historical drama – Marco Polo. Let us begin with the main cast:

Lorenzo Richelmy

Lorenzo Richelmy is an Italian actor most recognized outside of Italy for his portrayal of Marco Polo in the Netflix original series Marco Polo.

Benedict Wong

Benedict Wong is most known for playing Kublai Khan in Netflix’s Marco Polo (2014-2016).

Joan Chen

Joan Chen is a Chinese-American actor, playwright, and producer. In China, she appeared in the 1979 film Little Flower, and she gained international fame for her role in the 1987 film The Last Emperor. 

Rick Yune

Rick Yune is a Korean-American actor, playwright, producer, martial artist, and former model. His most prominent performances have been in the films: Snow Falling on Cedars, The Fast and the Furious, as well as the James Bond thriller, Die Another Day. He appeared in the Netflix original series Marco Polo as a part of the main cast. 

Amr Waked

Amr Waked is an Egyptian film, television, and stage actor who is most recognized for his part in the 2005 film Syriana, which he starred in.

Remy Hii

Remy Hii is an Australian actor who spent three years at the National Institute of Dramatic Art and appeared in several stage productions before obtaining his first television role. Hii played Van Tuong Nguyen in the four-part miniseries Better Man and Hudson Walsh in the serial opera Neighbours in 2013. He is also known as Prince Jingim in the Netflix original series Marco Polo. 

When Will Marco Polo Season 3 Come?

As previously said, the likelihood of this historical drama returning is extremely low. And it’s doubtful that Netflix or any other company would pick up this program, especially after the massive loss generated by its first two seasons. However, if a miracle occurs and they decide to renew Marco Polo Season 3, it may air by the end of 2023. 

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