Must-Have Best Pickup Truck Accessories & Upgrades

Must-Have Best Pickup Truck Accessories & Upgrades

Pickup trucks have ruled the American car-buying industry for quite some time. It’s one of the most highly sought vehicle types in its segment on the road these days and the most common utility vehicle within the country.

Many people know pickup trucks are versatile, shifting from work truck to family hauler with little to no effort. Due to the amount of space inside the cabin, modern features, and the ability to haul bulky materials, it’s no wonder trucks have been the most purchased vehicle for more than fifteen years.

Here are some of the upgrades and accessories you can get to protect your investment:

Aftermarket exhaust

You feel pity for your pickup truck driving downtown with its muffler sparking and tinging as it drags along the pavement. Until it burps exhaust infuriatingly loud as it accelerates from the stoplight. It gets even worse when your car is loud, attracting stares.

Replacing your muffler or complete exhaust system must be done every 3-5 years. Fortunately, installing aftermarket exhaust systems like performance Gibson exhaust will improve your car’s performance and sound.

Bull bars and grille guards

These upgrades and accessories will safeguard you from front-end damage. If you collide with another vehicle in front or a deer leaps into your driving path, grille guards and bull bards provide an extra layer of safety.

They allow your truck to absorb the damage caused by the power without totaling your pickup.

Performance chip

Adding a performance chip is another great way to boost your truck’s performance, power, and capability. In combination with the air intake and exhaust, you can expect the truck you gain more power.

On top of that, a performance chip enables you to tap into your pickup truck’s potential. When you get the new pickup, it’s programmed to particular factory settings. Nonetheless, the performance chip will enable you to alter and change those settings, adding power and the capability to personalize your truck’s performance.

Make sure you are careful in selecting the right chip, as some chips can impact your car’s warranty.

Air intake

Who said pickup trucks could not be fast? If you require speed, you must add an upgraded cold air intake system to your engine. There are numerous options when we talk about aftermarket air intake systems.

This air intake system introduces cooler air into your combustion chambers. It adds more torque and power to the engine and enables it to use less fuel to power itself.

Adding one to your pickup truck can add at least 25hp to your car engine. Considering to get an air intake will cost you about $200.

Lift kits and suspension system

A new suspension will solidify your ride and enable better handling both off and on-road. Additionally, adding the lift kit will enable higher ground clearance and bigger tires and wheels to boost off-road capability.

Adding these pickup truck accessories and upgrades will certainly improve the durability and value of your vehicle.