Facts on Robin Francis Lennon’s Personal Life, Education, Career, and Family

robin francis lennon

Robin Francis Lennon is the younger brother of John Lennon, an English singer, activist, musician, and songwriter. Despite being the younger brother of the singer, he never got a chance to meet him; John died when robin was just seven years old. Robin’s mother is Pauline Stones; when she married Alfred Lennon, he was 55 years while she was 19 years old.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Robin lived with his mother, Pauline, until he was 23, as he was still unemployed then. Besides, he does not like publicity and has managed to keep details regarding his private and personal life from the public. Robin has not made public details of his wife or children.

Education and Career

Robin Francis Lennon has managed to stay off the limelight, so little about him is known. However, after completing his college education, he was still unemployed and went to stay with his mother at their home.

Regarding his career, it is unclear got a job after staying with his mother for some time or not. He is probably in the private sector, and he is trying to earn a living and be able to feed his family.

His Brother

Robin’s brother started his music career in 1956 when he formed The Quarrymen; the band later evolved into Beatles, which consisted of Chas Newby, John Duff Lowe, John Lennon, and a few other friends. John wrote and co-wrote rock and pop songs, made a name for himself and was later cast in films.

Later, Robin’s brother was involved in several films as a writer, producer, and director. These included Erection, Two Virgins, and Bed Peace. He was also in several documentaries, including Muhammed Ali, the Greatest.

Upon his death, John Lennon was married to Yoko Ono, and he had two children making Robin Francis Lennon an uncle. However, he is younger than his nephews, Sean and Julian Lennon.

John Lennon’s Murder

Robin Francis Lennon’s brother was murdered by Mark David Chapman, one of his fans. He had just signed an autograph for him at Dakota before leaving for a recording session. Later that day, after returning from the studio, Chapman shot him four times from the back. He was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital but pronounced dead a few minutes after arrival.

Chapman had been planning to murder John Lennon, as he was obsessed with him. His main motive for killing the celebrated musician is because he claimed his band, the Beatles, were more popular than Jesus. He did not deny responsibility as he pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Robin Lennon’s brother died on December 8, 1980, aged 40. His body was cremated, and the ashes were scattered in Central Park, New York City.

Where is Robin Francis Lennon

Despite being a celebrity brother, Robin has stayed off the spotlight, so little about him is known. He has not made public what he is currently doing, but he is staying in one of the states in the USA with his family.