Simple & Effective Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

Happiness and health are the two most important things a person can possess and, indeed, exactly the same applies to animals.

So, if you have recently rescued an adult dog from a shelter, or else have been sharing your home and your life with your beloved best friend for many years, continue reading to learn some simple yet effective ways to make your dog happy.

Stop Dressing Them Up

Nobody can deny the unbelievable level of cuteness gleaned from popping a Christmas pudding outfit on your pug or a hot dog on your dachshund, but honestly, your dog is not enjoying the experience.

Your dog may sit there dutifully as you take the millionth photograph for Instagram, but it is only their good nature and unwavering love and adoration for you which is stopping them from getting angry. Do them a favor and let them be as nature intended and they will be much happier as a result.

Feed Them Natural Products

Those classic puppy dog eyes staring up at you as you eat your chicken dinner – it’s all very adorable and of course, there is absolutely no harm in treating them to a slice or two from your own plate, as chicken is entirely natural and dogs in the wild would eat such a product.

However, many dog owners make the mistake of feeding their dogs processed foods instead of raw pet food, the latter of which will make a huge difference to their energy levels, health and fitness levels and their overall happiness.

Allow Them to Use Their Nose!

Although this next point may seem slightly strange, you would be surprised to learn of just how many people bristle along on a dog walk and don’t let their dogs stop and smell the proverbial roses.

Dogs’ sense of smell is incredibly heightened and they use scents to determine a wide plethora of different facts about their environment, but also to sense danger. Moreover, another way to encourage your dog to follow their natural instincts is to play scent-based games with them and, in training, to hide treats and bits of food around the room that they then need to locate by using their nose.

Commit to Petting

Obviously, this does not mean that every single time you pass your dog or your dog approaches you, it is time to down tools, immediately stop what you are doing and give them a fifteen-minute head massage.

However, instead of simply patting them on the head or giving them a quick, obligatory tickle of the tummy, make sure you are stroking them the right way for the direction of their fur and that you learn which parts of their body they like to be petted.

Stroking a dog, cat, rabbit, or even the tummy of a pet bird has been conclusively proven, numerous times, to not only promote relaxation, bonding and healing in the animal but also to do exactly the same for their human as well.