Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 5

If you cannot resist watching American animated series, then Star vs. the Forces of Evil must be on your top list. It is the first animated series airing on Disney Channel and Disney XD whose creator is a woman named Daron Nefcy. The development of the series is done by Gibran Pena, Dave Wasson, and Jordana Arkin. 

Like every animated series has one central character, Star vs. the Forces of Evil has Star Butterfly, showing her adventures. She is shown as a young menacing heir to the royal throne and is sent to the Earth so that she could soften her rash and careless attitude. The voice-over of this character is done by Eden Sher. 

When Star Butterfly comes to earth, she develops a friendship with Marco Diaz who is a human (voiced by Adam McArthur) and becomes his roommate. Now she starts leading a half normal life in a fictional town in Los Angeles. There she goes to school and makes new friends. In the whole season 1 of Star vs the Forces of Evil, we will see how Star and Marcos traverse through faraway dimensions carrying measured scissors all to keep Ludo, Mewman monster, away from stealing the magic wand of Star. 

As the animated series progresses further, more new characters become friends and foes to Star and Marcos. Both of them travel to more strange and savage dimensions. Star vs the Forces of Evil adheres to the fixed 11-minute duration of each episode for all the first three seasons. The fourth season did extend to some more half-hour episodes. 

The animated series was green-flagged in 2013 for Disney Channel, with the airing of the first episode as a preview on 18th January after two years. The series was then moved to Disney XD in 2015 on 30th March. The premiere of the first episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil made history in becoming the most-watched animated series on Disney XD. 

The premiere of season 4 of Star vs the Forces of Evil took place two years ago on 10th March on its comeback to Disney Channel with 2 new episodes that made viewers enjoy their Sundays. The animated series finally concluded in the same year on 19th May with Cleaved. So does this mean the fourth season was the final closure of Star vs the Forces of Evil? Fans who had been watching from the first season must be expecting the fifth season of this adventure, comedy, and fantasy series. Let us find out in this article. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magical girl
Created by: Daron Nefcy
Developed by: Jordana Arkin, Gibran Peña, Dave Wasson
Place Of Origin: United States of America
Original network: Disney XD (2015–18) Disney Channel (2019)
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 4
Number of episodes: 77

Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 5 Release Date

Story plot

As has been briefed above, Star vs. the Forces of Evil follows the story of the main character Star Butterfly, the magical princess from the Mewni dimension. She is legally entitled to the royal throne of the Butterfly Kingdom. On the occasion of her 14th birthday, Star is given the family heirloom wand according to tradition. She is known to be a brash and turbulent child by her royal family. 

When Star blazes off the family castle accidentally, her parents decide to send her as a foreign exchange student to the earth where she can continue her training of magic. They consider it as the safer option to go with. When Star comes to earth, she befriends Marcos at Echo Creek Academy. He is a resident of a Los Angeles suburb with his family. 

And then begins the sequence of misadventures. Now there is one important task for Star which is she has to keep using the dimensional scissors that can result in the opening of the portals. But more than that both Star has to protect her magic wand with the help of her friends to ward off the reach of Ludo, an evil birdman and commander of his gang of monsters. 

When the series moves further it introduces more new villains in the animated series. One such is Toffee, a strange monster. Before the much emphasis was on saving the magic wand from the clutches of monster Ludo, but later the plot shifts from it and highlights multiple conflicts moving around prejudice against monsters. Besides this focus is also put on the origins and supremacy rule of Mewni.

Uncovering more mysteries

While watching Star vs the Forces of Evil, viewers would also come to know about the past revelations of the royal Butterfly family, mostly about Eclipsa Butterfly. She is the most notorious member of this clan’s history, and is referred to as ‘Queen of Darkness’. Other than Star and her friends, you will also see more protagonist characters making their presence in the following seasons of the animated series. Some of these include clever Janna, Pony Head, Queen Moon, and the ex-lover of Star Tom.


The promotion of the title series of the animated show Star vs the Forces of Evil took place in the year 2014 during the Comic-Con event much before the release of its premiere. It resulted in the uploading of footage on YouTube by fans, who then began creating artwork and fictional writing by fans based on the copyrighted characters. 

How about the rating of the show

Ratings are the important aspect that defines the success of any animated series. Well, in this case, Star vs the Forces of Evil earned a good response reaching a viewership of around 1.2 million. It became the most-watched show in the history of Disney XD. So we can say it proved to be a big success. 

Any possibility of 5th season release?

If you are expecting the early release of the 5th season of Star vs the Force of Evil, then sorry to disappoint you, it is not going to happen so soon. Because so far there is no official news about its renewal by the show producers. Also, Daron Nefcy, the show creator, is busy on some other project on Nickelodeon. Hence, not sure whether the new installment would even take place in 2022 or 2023.