The 100 season 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

The 100 season 8

The 100 is one of the best post-apocalyptic science fiction shows in America. It has been seven years since the premiere of this show streamed on 19th March on CW and ended last year (2020) on 30th September. Jason Rothenberg is the person credited to be behind the development of The 100. Like most television series based on some novel or a book, the latter sci-fi series is also adapted from the Kass Morgan novel having a similar title. 

The story of this apocalyptic drama series revolves around criminal adolescents who are sent to earth from Ark, a spaceship. The motive behind sending them is to find out whether the planet is suitable enough to lead a life post the devastation caused by a nuclear apocalypse. Over the seasons till now, the story is known to have begun on this note, but the series has progressed in the addition to many more plots and new characters. 

Taking an example is the seventh season of The 100 when it showed the inhabitants who remained alive find it hard to bring down the revived Dark Commander. A character named Clarke Griffin gets involved in a dispute with strange Disciples and she keeps the key that can lead to winning the last war. 

Besides all these, season 7 also explores a wormhole that connects 6 planets. It is called Anomaly. After showcasing a few more big turnovers, it finally ended on a remarkable note. So is it an indication that The 100 won’t be returning to screens? Well, let us find out in this article. 

Show Details 

TV Series: The 100
Genre: Action, Drama, Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic, Science fiction
Based on: The 100 by Kass Morgan
Star cast: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Thomas McDonell, Eli Goree & others
Place Of Origin: United States of America
Original network: The CW
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 7
Number of episodes: 100

The 100 season 8 Release Date

Story plot

It has been a long decade since the earth was hit by a nuclear apocalypse wiping off human life. Those who survived the attack now live in Ark, a space station which is revolving around the planet. 3 generations have been born in this space station. But now the living conditions here are becoming impossible due to malfunctioning of life support mechanisms. Witnessing such problematic conditions, around 100 young people are sent to earth with a motive to know whether there are any possible conditions left to lead a life or at least to pick resources that would prove beneficial to the people remaining in Ark.

When these young juveniles enter the earth and start exploring for the mission they have been sent for, they discover people who have survived the post-apocalyptic attack. These people are formed in different groups – the Grounders living in clans, the Reapers who have become flesh-eating of other beings by Mountain men. They reside in Mount Weather and have originated from those who have secured themselves before the massive destruction took place. The juveniles follow Bellamy and Clarke leading the group and indulge in the hardcore struggle for survival in severe situations. They pick up challenges in combating aggressive grounders and developing links with the spaceship Ark. 

Briefing events in the Seventh season

The juvenile group led by Bellamy and Clarke encounters more challenges and further adventures in their way from season 2 to the last season. Not divulging enough details of the story as it would spoil the craze of watching the series, let me brief you about what has been shown in the seventh season. Coming on to the seventh installment of The 100 series, it shows Sanctum inhabitants doing efforts in searching for peace post the events shown in previous seasons including a battle with revived Dark Commander. 

On the other side, the juvenile group led by Clarke also gets into a confrontation with strange Disciples and other human races from a different world. They believe that she must be possessing the key to come out victorious in the coming last war. In the 7th season, we will also witness the exploration of a strange wormhole named Anomaly connected with six planets. One of them is known to have generated again as earth. Anomaly is also mentioned in the sixth season. 

About the main star cast of The 100

Eliza Taylor

She plays the character of Clarke Griffin in The 100. Her character is among the group of juveniles sent from Ark spaceship to discover the possibility of habitat left on earth after the post-apocalyptic nuclear attack. Eliza is an actress from Australia born in 1989 on October 24. Her full name is Eliza Jane Morley. 

Apart from The 100, she has also appeared in other television series including Neighbours, Pirate Islands, All Saints, Mr & Mrs. Murder, Blue Heelers, City Homicide, and films like The Laundromat, Planes, The November Man, 6 Plots, and Christmas Inheritance

Bob Morley

Born in 1984 on December 20, Bob Morley is also an actor from Australia and is the husband of Eliza Taylor who plays Clarke Griffin, whereas he plays the character Bellamy Blake in The 100. Besides acting, he is also into TV direction. Bob has starred in other TV series including Home and Away, The Strip, Neighbours, Winners & Losers, The Rookie, Scorched, and 3 films – Road Train, Lost in White City, and Blinder

Marie Avgeropoulos

Marie Avgeropoulos is an actress from Canada born in 1986 on June 17. Other than acting, she is also into modeling. Marie plays the character of Octavia Blake in The 100, the post-apocalyptic series on CW. Other than this, Maria has made appearances in other television series including Supernatural, Fringe, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Sorority Wars, Eureka, Hiccups, and films like I Love You Beth Cooper, Hunt to Kill, and Dead Rising: Endgame.

Will there be an eighth season of The 100?

The premiere of the seventh season of The 100 came last year on 20th May and concluded in the same year on 30th September on CW with its 16th episode as last. Viewers who have enjoyed the series from the beginning must have expected the eighth season release. But sorry to disappoint the sci-fi action drama series is not returning and is canceled after its final seventh season.