Top Trends for Country Festival Outfits From Plaid to Fringe

Top Trends for Country Festival Outfits From Plaid to Fringe

The country festival season is upon us, and it’s time to start planning your wardrobe. Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or new to the scene, there are always new and exciting trends to try.

From classic plaid shirts to trendy fringe details, there are plenty of options to choose from this year. To make sure you stay on top of the latest trends, here are some must-have items for your country festival outfits.

Plaid Shirts

Plaid has been a staple in country fashion for decades, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This year, opt for a classic plaid shirt in bold colors like red or blue.

You can wear it as a top with cutoff shorts or tie it around your waist to add some dimension to your outfit. Alternatively, you can also go for a plaid dress or skirt for a more feminine touch.


Denim is another classic element of country fashion, and it’s perfect for the festival season. This year, try incorporating denim in different ways.

This can include wearing a denim jacket with a floral sundress or pairing high-waisted denim shorts with a crop top. You can also go for a denim jumpsuit or overall dress for a more unique look.

Fringe Details

Fringe details were seen all over the runways this season, and it’s a trend that translates perfectly into country festival fashion. Look for fringe trim on jackets, tops, skirts, and even boots.

It adds a fun and playful touch to any outfit. Just make sure not to overdo it – choose one statement piece with fringe and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Cowboy Boots

No country music festival outfits are complete without a pair of trusty cowboy boots. This year, opt for a classic pair in brown or black leather or go for a bold statement with colorful embroidered boots.

They’re not only stylish but also practical for navigating through grassy fields and dusty grounds. Plus, they’ll keep your feet comfortable and protected all day long.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Maxi dresses and skirts are perfect for staying cool and stylish in the summer heat. Look for flowy fabrics like cotton or chiffon in floral prints or solid colors.

You can also experiment with different lengths, such as a midi skirt paired with a crop top or a maxi dress with a high-low hemline. These rave outfits are not only comfortable but also versatile – you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Wide-Brimmed Hats

A wide-brimmed hat is not just a stylish accessory but also a practical one for a day out in the sun. Look for hats in neutral colors like beige or brown that can easily match any outfit.

They’ll not only protect you from the sun but also add a touch of Western charm to your festival look. Don’t be afraid to rock different styles, from traditional cowboy hats to floppy sun hats.

Boho Kimonos

Kimonos have been a popular festival staple for the past few years, and they’re still going strong. Look for lightweight fabrics like lace or chiffon in colorful prints or solid colors.

You can throw one on over a tank top and shorts for a breezy and effortless look. Alternatively, you can also wear it over a dress for a more put-together ensemble.

Print Mixing

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different prints for a bold and eye-catching look. This can include pairing a plaid shirt with floral shorts or wearing a striped top with a printed skirt.

Just make sure to stick within the same color palette to avoid clashing prints. It’s a fun and creative way to add some personality to your country festival outfits.

Raver Pants

Raver pants, also known as harem or genie pants, are a fun and unique trend to try this festival season. They’re comfortable and airy, making them perfect for dancing in the summer heat.

Plus, they come in a variety of prints and patterns that will add some excitement to your outfit. Pair them with a crop top or tank top for the ultimate festival look.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are another versatile piece that can be dressed up or down for a country festival. Look for shirts with bold prints, band logos, or cheeky phrases to add some personality to your outfit.

You can pair them with denim shorts or skirts, layer them under a plaid shirt, or tuck them into high-waisted jeans. The possibilities are endless!

Bandanas and Scarves

Bandanas and scarves are not only functional but also fashionable accessories for a country festival outfit. Use them to tie your hair up in a cute ponytail or braid, or wear them around your neck as a statement piece.

You can also use them as a belt to add some color and texture to an otherwise plain outfit. Just make sure to choose lightweight fabrics like cotton or silk to keep you cool in the summer heat.

Leather Accessories

Leather accessories, such as belts and bracelets, are perfect for adding a touch of edginess to your country festival outfit. Look for belts with Western-inspired buckles or boho-style leather cuffs.

They’ll add some texture and interest to your outfit while keeping it grounded in the country aesthetic. You can also experiment with different colors besides the traditional brown or black – try a bold red or blue for a pop of color.

Layered Jewelry

Finish off your country festival look with some layered jewelry. Mix and match different types of necklaces, bracelets, and rings for a bohemian feel.

Look for pieces with feathers, beads, or turquoise accents to add a touch of Western flair. Just remember not to go overboard – choose a few key pieces that complement each other without overwhelming your outfit.

Elevate Your Style with These Country Festival Outfits

From classic plaid to trendy raver pants, these are the top trends to incorporate into your country festival outfits this season. Mix and match different pieces for a unique and personalized look that will have you standing out in the crowd. Don’t be afraid to try new things and make it your own – after all, festivals are all about self-expression and having fun!

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