American Vandal Season 3: Was it Cancelled? Find Out


The two seasons of American Vandal have been exceptional. Viewers around the globe have been anxiously waiting for a third season. But is it coming? This is a question many are asking themselves. To get the answer to it we have curated this article to answer that and learn much more.

Let’s delve into the updates.

About American Vandal

American Vandal genre is comedy-drama, satire, teen drama, and mockumentary. It has two seasons with a total of sixteen episodes. Tony Yacenda is the director and executive producer of this Tv series.

The premiere of the first season was on 15th September 2017 and the release of season two was on 14th September 2018. As you can see the release dates are almost coinciding that means if there will be a third season expect it in September 2022. But aren’t sure yet as we have much more before knowing if it is renewed.

American Vandal was airing on Netflix therefore if you have a Netflix account be sure to watch it on the platform. The run time of each episode was between twenty-six to forty-two minutes.

The Renewal Status of American Vandal Season 3

When is the premiere of American Vandal season three? This is what you and many others are waiting for enthusiastically. But will it be renewed?

According to Netflix the third season will not be renewed. But that not all even though it won’t be back on Netflix the producers are looking for a new platform. This means if they get a new airing network season three will be on your screen soon.

Let’s wait for official announcement on the third season of American Vandal. Suppose we get the new updates be sure you will know immediately.

American Vandal Season

The Plot of American Vandal

The storyline of this series revolves around Dylan Maxwell. Dylan is suspected of committing a costly prank that left twenty-seven cars damaged with phallic images. Due to the accusation Maxwell is expelled.

However, it didn’t end there as Peter Maldonado and Sam Ecklund started investigations whether Dylan’s expulsion was right. In season two Peter and Sam are on an inquiry of who contaminated lemonade in their cafeteria by using maltitol.

What Happened in Season One?

American Vandal takes place in Hanover high school in Oceanside, California. At Hanover high school an incident involving phallic images on faulty cars in the school’s parking lot was discovered. This didn’t take much time before accusing Dylan Maxwell who was the senior class clown.

This was after Alex Trimboli was brought as a witness during the case. After Dylan’s expulsion Peter and Sam start investigating if it was true. On conclusion they find out it wasn’t true but say that the board’s conclusion was due to Dylan past phallic drawing.

Peter and Sam also enquire about Trimboli’s integrity. They discover that Alex is liar. In the last episode it comes to light that Dylan was innocent. This enables the readmission of Maxwell back to the school.

Even though things are working out for him. Mrs. Shapiro didn’t want him while Mackenzie also left him.

The Storyline of Season Two of American Vandal

Season two begins with a nasty incident which involves students drinking intoxicated lemonade in St. Bernardine high school. The person behind this was known as ‘The Turd Burglar.’ However, the school pins the accusation on Kevin McClain after the confession of his best friend Tanner Basset.

This results to Kevin’s expulsion and he waits for criminal charges while on house arrest. After a successful investigation and acquittal of Dylan in Oceanside. Chloe Lyman calls Peter and Sam to help in proving Kevin’s innocence.

After their long investigation the duo discover that Grayson Wentz is the Turd Burglar. This means Kevin is innocent. The school brings back Kevin while they expel Wentz. However, Grayson wasn’t happy and decided to unleash additional attacks.

How Did Season Two End?

Wentz goes further by committing a final crime called ‘The Dump.’ This involves nude pictures of several victims. Those in the dump included Jenna, Drew, DeMarcus, and Mr. Gisualdi. After that Grayson receives a two years prison sentence while DeMarcus and Jenna get community service sentencing.

Mr. Gisualdi has his teaching license revoked while Ms. Wexler had to resign. Even though Kevin was innocent he remained on house arrest for nine-months.

American Vandal Awards

What awards did American Vandal win? After successful two seasons they received the Peabody award on the category entertainment honorees.

Ratings of the Tv Series

Season one has an approval rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes after forty-seven reviews. Out of ten the rating was 8.34 out of 10. Additionally, it received 75% reviews on Metacritic after ten reviews by critics.

When it comes to season two it has a rating of 8.07 out of 10 after 1,147 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.  Also, on Metacritic it has a 76% review after thirteen critic reviews.