Sky Wizards Academy Season 2: Renewal Status, Plot, and More Updates


Did you watch sky wizards academy season one? I hope you were excited and due to that; you are waiting for its second season. However, you and thousands of others are asking themselves, ‘when shall Diomedia renew season two of sky wizards academy?

Due to questions by many of our readers, we decided to inform you about its renewal status. Additionally, you will get to learn about its plot and more updates. Therefore, make sure you read this piece to the end.

Let’s begin.

About Sky Wizards Academy

This manga was written by Yu Moroboshi and directed by Takayuki Inagaki. Also known as Kusen Madoshi Kohosei, no Kyokan is science fantasy, magic, and harem. The anime’s premiere was from 8th July 2015 to 23rd September 2015. The first season has twelve episodes with a run time of twenty-four minutes per episode.

The original network of sky wizards academy was Tokyo MX, Sun TV, TVQ, Chiba TV, tvk, TV Saitama, and BS11. These are Japanese television networks. You can watch this animation on Funimation in the U.S for English networks.

The Renewal Status of Sky Wizards Academy Season 2

The big worry for most fans of this anime is the release of season two. It has been six years since the airing of the last episode of the season. The issue is will Diomedia renew the manga for a second season?

According to reports, sky wizards academy will not be renewed for a second season. This is due to the lack of enough materials to produce the animation series. It might not be easy to accept, but as per analysts, the series didn’t do well as expected.

If we get new information about the premiere of season two, you will be the first to know.

Sky Wizards Academy

The Plot

Sky wizards academy storyline involves magical armored insects that threaten the existence of human beings. This forces humans to start living in aerial floating cities. To prevent attacks of the insects while on the floating cities, they depend on wizards.

The wizards fight the insect mid-air using magic. Also, in the anime, there is a character known as Kanata Age who lives in Misutogan, one of the floating cities. Kanata has a black master swordsman title in the S128 special team.

Even though of his achievement, he is termed as a traitor. Age is made the instructor of the E601 team but loses more than one hundred defeats in a row. The team has three girls: Misora Whitale, Lecty Eisenach, and Rico Flamel.

The Storyline of Sky Wizards Academy Season One

In episode one, Kanata is seen as the traitor while the three girls in his team think of him as a pervert. But on realizing they understand his nature. After becoming the instructor of the E601 team, he holds the first training and realizes that each of the sky wizards has its abilities. Additionally, the team doesn’t work together and has too many weaknesses.

Kanata decides to assign each of the members training exercises to expect Rico. Lecty was to work a maid service at a café while Misora was to find out Rico’s weakness. At that time, Age notices that Misora will not be successful with her Magic Cannon Sword.

However, with his experience, he knows how to make Misora be a better version of herself. Kanata Age goes ahead to train Misora and Lecty on their strengths and weaknesses. Rico becomes stubborn and doesn’t join the team.

What Happened in the Other Episodes?

The Mistgun is under attack from devil beetles. This was impromptu, and the sky wizards didn’t have time to defend the city. This meant that the sky wizards were the only ones to remain and protect the city. One of the teams was E601.

Freon was not impressed with the fireteam E601 and pushed for its disbandment. In episode eight, Rico joins the new training session and is becoming faster than the rest. One night a hooded figure attacks the sky wizards academy at night. Yuri thinks the attack was from Kanata’s girlfriend.

The last episode ended where E601 participated in the final match of the Mistgun tournament. They won the tournament, but there was an attack by the devil beetles in the city. Real Nua was the one behind the attack of the sky wizards academy. She came with the devil beetles and attacked Kanata.

Can We Expect A Renewal of Sky Wizards Academy?

Rumors doing rounds on various social platforms indicate that the anime might return on the screen in 2022 or 2023. This is not official but speculations. Let’s hope it will turn out to be true.

All you can do is continue waiting for a second season. However, suppose you don’t remember the plot you can watch after reading this piece to the end. Thank you for your time.