Bates Motel Season 6: Will It Be Renewed or Cancelled?


After five seasons of bates motel, many fans of this Tv series are anxiously waiting for the sixth season. The question is will it be renewed or canceled? Considering you and other viewers of this series we have the latest information about the renewal of bates motel.

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About Bates Motel

This television series’ genre is drama, mystery, and psychological horror. The premiere of the first season of Bates motel was on 18th March 2013. While the last season’s premiere was on 24th April 2017.

So, it has been four years since the release of the last season. What most of you are asking themselves will it be renewed or is it canceled? You will get to learn about that as you continue reading.

But the five seasons consist of fifty episodes and each episode had a run time of between forty to forty-seven minutes. Bates motel was airing on the A&E network.

The Renewal Status of Bates Motel Season 6

Unlike other television series, A&E didn’t take chances with bates motel. This is because on its first season they asked for ten episodes. The best thing is that it was a charm to viewers and it ended up being renewed for a second and third season.

The series went on to be renewed for a further fourth and fifth season. However, after the end of the fifth season, the series could not be renewed. According to the A&E website, “this was the final season of the critically acclaimed drama.” These words were from Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin who are the executive producers.

Sorry! I know you didn’t expect this but that is what will happen. No season 6 but in case of any developing news, you will be the first to know.

Bates Motel Season 6

The Plot of Bates Motel

What happened in the five seasons of bates motel? Suppose you have not watched the television series. Be keen to understand the storyline in this section.

The series begins when Norman loses his dad and, on that occasion, Norma and Norman purchase a motel in Oregon town. After buying the motel the former owner breaks into Norma’s room and rapes her.

When he caught the guy, Norman knocks him out and Norma stabs him until he dies. What a terrible incident. Later they reach an agreement that they should not involve the law enforcers and cover up the murder.

It didn’t take time before the sheriff of the town realizes the man is missing. This makes the two work hard to ensure that the sheriff doesn’t discover.

What Happened in the Second, Third, and Fourth Seasons?

First, it comes to light of the murder of Norman’s teacher. Also, Norma is in a state of ensuring that the motel is running and protecting what she did. However, Bradley is in a search of his dad’s killers.

In season three, Norman is trying to deny all that is happening. This takes control of his weak inner self. As time goes by Norma gets to know that her son is suffering mentally due to the previous occurrences. This time Norma and sheriff Romero are close but upon discovering the sheriff pull away due to her dishonesty.

Things are not so well for Norman in season four. This makes her mother worry and goes ahead to find a professional to help him be psychologically fit. Even though sheriff Romero was pulling away from his relationship with Norma it was difficult.

The End of The Series

This is because he is involved in their lives. In the end, Norma and Romero got married to assist Norman to go to an expensive psychiatric hospital.

In the last season, Dylan and Emma go back to Norman’s life while Romero is anxious to revenge against Norman.

Where Did Bates Motel Air?

This Tv series was airing on the A&E network in the United States of America. But where else did other viewers get to watch bates motel?

Suppose you are in Canada you can watch this series via main cable and satellites companies. For you in Australia watch it on Fox8. If you are in the United Kingdom or Ireland watch it through BBC One or Universal channel.

Those in Jamaica can watch bates motel on CVM TV. South African viewers can get to see this series on Mnet. Additionally, those with Netflix have the opportunity to. Open an account with Netflix today to watch this Tv series.

What are its Ratings?

The overall rating of bates motel on IMDB is 8.1 out of ten. This is after eighty-seven reviews by critics. On Rotten Tomatoes this Tv series has a rating of 93%.


Even though the sixth season will not be renewed. This series has been exciting and it has won several awards such as the favorite cable Tv drama. This is all we had for you today. Goodbye!