Ingobernable Season 3: Latest News About Renewal of Ingobernable


How many political drama Tv series have you watched? Suppose you have never watched; you should create time to watch Ingobernable. It is one of the best political drama series on Netflix. You are looking forward to the third season for those who have watched.

But when will it premiere? That is the worry of thousands of viewers who like Ingobernable. For this and much more, continue reading this article to the end.

About Ingobernable

This is a Mexican political drama series that has two seasons and a total of twenty-seven episodes. The series was produced in Spanish, but you can watch it in English. It features famous actors like Kate del Castillo, Erendira Ibarra, Alberto Guerra, Erik Hayser, and Alvaro Guerrero.

The production of Ingobernable took place in Mexico City, San Diego, and California. Argos communication is the production company of this Tv series. The premiere of season one was on 24th March 2017, while the second was on 14th September 2018.

The Renewal Status of Ingobernable

Will Ingobernable be renewed for a third season? Unfortunately, we can neither confirm nor decline the renewal status of this political drama. However, we can inform you that Netflix hasn’t released an official statement of its renewal or cancellation.

Back then, Netflix had released a statement on Twitter that Ingobernable season three would be coming soon. However, this was deleted, and we don’t have any new information to date. But when any updates reach us about the political drama, you will get to know.

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Ingobernable Season 3

The Storyline

Mexico’s first lady is at the centre of Ingobernable. She is called Emilia Urquiza. Emilia has ideas for improving the country’s condition. Also, she was committed to having peace in Mexico. In that scenario, she begins to lose faith in her husband, who is the president, ‘Diego Nava Martinez.’

Additionally, she wanted to uncover the truth.

Ingobernable Season One

The first season has fifteen episodes, and its release was on 24th March 2017. It starts with Emilia filing for a divorce. However, Nava wasn’t happy with the move, and the two fight, and in the process, she faints. On waking up, she notices Nava is down the building and has a pistol.

On realizing Martinez is dead, and the secret service of Mexico believes that Emilia is responsible for the death. The first lady escapes before the secret service arrests her. They start looking for her, and at the same time, Jose Barquet becomes the president.

Before his appointment, Jose was the Secretary of Interior.

What Happened in Season Two?

The second season has twelve episodes, and its premiere was on 14th September 2018.

In season two, Emilia is tortured while her enemies’ band together to prompt a confession. In addition, the chief of staff of the president’s office Ana Vargas tries to befriend several government leaders.

Maria Nava Urquiza is astonished by the visit by Emilia’s son. Additionally, a plan by general Almada leaks and is on a mission to find the mole. For Ovni to be closer to Raul, he becomes an undercover identity. This is to help in infiltrating Los Pino.

The second season ended when Emilia squares off against Kelly. However, the first lady is astonished by the reaction of Maria to the drug trafficking queen. Also, Ana is preparing for a battle that is coming.

The Cast of Ingobernable

The first and second seasons featured several casts. However, there are the main cast of Ingobernable. They include;

  • Emilia Urquiza – Kate del Castillo (First Lady of Mexico)
  • Ana Vargas-West – Erendira Ibarra (Chief of Staff of the President’s Office)
  • Canek Lagos – Alberto Guerra
  • Diego Nava Martinez – Erik Hayser (President of Mexico)
  • Pete Vazquez – Luis Roberto Guzman (CIA Agent)
  • Jose Barquet – Alvaro Guerrero (Secretary of Interior)
  • Santiago Salazar – Luis Ernesto Franco

There were others, but we have only covered the main cast due to them being so many. As per our analysis, if season three is renewed, the main cast will be present. Additionally, expect new faces in season three of Ingobernable.

Its Ratings

The political drama has several ratings. Rotten Tomatoes has an 87% audience score.

Additionally, it has a 7.1 out of 10 on IMDB. Some of its top-rated episodes include episodes fourteen and nineteen of season one. They had 8.1 and 8.3 respectively.


Ingobernable is among the best Mexican political drama television series. Therefore, if you were waiting for the third season, you would have to wait longer. The best thing is that Netflix has announced its renewal or cancellation.

But we are optimistic that it will be back for a third season soon. So, suppose you didn’t watch the first two seasons create time to watch if we hear any updates be sure to be the first to know.

Thank you for your time.