Can My Nail Polish Cause an Allergic Reaction?

Nail Polish Cause an Allergic Reaction

When you’re picking out the right nail polish for your next manicure you have lots of factors to consider.  Do you want a bold striking colour or something more modest?  Should you choose a sleek shiny finish or a conservative matte?  With all these questions running through your mind, don’t forget to ask yourself, are these products safe to use on your skin?

Some chemicals used in nail polish can pose dangers to your well-being.  HEMA is one such product.

What is HEMA

HEMA (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) is used as an adhesive in the cosmetic industry.  HEMA helps to increase the durability and adhesion of gel manicures.  It also affects the texture and consistency of gel nail polish.  It allows a polish to be flexible and provides a hard polish with a long-lasting shine.

Allergic Reaction

When HEMA makes direct contact with the skin it can lead to serious problems.  People who suffer from a HEMA allergy experience skin irritation, eczema, and inflammation.  HEMA is very small and can be absorbed through the skin and nail plate very easily.

If you are not using HEMA free nail products and the gel comes in contact with your skin you should wash your hands completely and thoroughly.  Don’t leave uncured product on your skin to create a potential reaction.

The number of reported cases of contact dermatitis specifically related to nail polish has been on the rise in recent years.

Identify HEMA

Take simple precautions and you can protect yourself from the potential hazards of this chemical.

Examine your current nail polish and look to see if HEMA is an ingredient.  Look at any new nail polish purchases and peruse the ingredient list. Buy your polish from brands that promote their products as HEMA free.  Ask your nail technician for the product description of the nail polish they want to apply.

Using HEMA Based Products Safely

If you don’t have an allergic reaction to HEMA and you want to continue to use your existing products safely, you can take these precautions.

Avoid skin contact.  Apply HEMA based polishes to the nail plane only.  Don’t let any of the product drip or run onto your skin.  Practice extra caution when painting your nails with these products.

Let your nails breathe.  Take a break from nail polish from time to time.  Avoid applying one coat after another without any rest or break in between.  When your nails are bare, check them thoroughly to ensure they are still healthy and strong.

Advantages of HEMA Free Products

These polishes and gels are safer.  They reduce the risk of adverse reactions which can cause unpleasant and painful skin reactions.

HEMA free products don’t have a strong chemical smell.  This makes spending time in the nail salon a more enjoyable experience.

The consistency of HEMA free products improves their flexibility.  They adhere to the natural nails more effectively without damage and avoid chipping and cracking.

There are thousands of HEMA free colours and finishes.  You can find glitter, bright colours, fluorescents, and other formulations for creating nail art and patterns.