Hemlock Grove Season 4: When is its Release Date?


In Hemlock Grove, a town in Pennsylvania, secrets are part of life. This is the story in Hemlock Grove, a series whose premiere was on 19th April 2013. The television show has three seasons, all airing on Netflix. However, the question many are asking themselves is when season four will premiere.

For this and much more about Hemlock Grove season four, continue reading this article. Here you will get up-to-date information about the series.

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About Hemlock Grove

This is a horror and thriller series. The basis of this Tv show is Hemlock Grove, a novel by Brian McGreevy. Brian went ahead to create and be one of the show’s executive producers. Its country of origin is the United States of America, and the original language is English.

The production of this show took place in Toronto and Ontario, Canada. It has three seasons with thirty-three episodes. The average run time of each episode is between forty-five to fifty-eight minutes. You can watch this series on Netflix. So, make sure you have an account to stream Hemlock Grove today.

The first season’s release was on 19th April 2013, while the third season’s premiere was on 23rd October 2015. This means it has been six years since the airing of the last season. The first season has thirteen episodes, seasons two and three have ten episodes each.

The Release Date of Hemlock Grove Season 4

Are we expecting a fourth season of Hemlock Grove season four? Indeed, I will be keeping your hopes high by informing you it’s closer to release. But, unfortunately, the reality is that Netflix canceled the show after the third season.

However, we don’t know if the producers are renewing the show with a new distributor. Suppose that happens, be sure you will be the first to know. Therefore, to get updates about this series, follow us, and you will get real-time news.

Hemlock Grove Season 4

The Plot

Hemlock Grove town is the town where the show is taking place. As per the storyline, the town has a mix of rich and poor. The increase in poverty in the town is due to the closure of Hemlock’s steel mill.

The town has two primary employment sources: the Godfrey Institute for Biomedical Technologies and Hemlock Acres Hospital. Olivia Godfrey is the head of Godfrey Institute, which is rumored to be conducting sinister experiments. As for Hemlock Acres Hospital, Dr. Norman Godfrey is a brother to Olivia’s dead husband.

Hemlock Grove Season One Storyline

Season one begins with the brutal death of two teenage girls, and their bodies are found the next day. The town’s rumors say that Peter Rumancek is the one who killed the girls. Additionally, they say he is a werewolf. Peter is a werewolf, and to solve the deaths, he is accompanied by Roman Godfrey.

Other casts in the first season include;

  • Letha Godfrey
  • Christina Wendall

Letha alleges that the father of her unborn child is an angel from heaven while Wendall is developing an interest in Peter.

What Happened in Season Two?

It starts with the return of Peter to Hemlock grove to look for money to pay a lawyer for Lynda. Roman is trying to satisfy his new appetite. Additionally, he takes an outsider as his guest. Olivia Godfrey is more frustrated with accepting her illnesses.

Roman is hungrier, which tempts him beyond his self-control. Finally, Peter helps a child who needs help. In the fifth episode, Miranda and Roman try to find medical advice. Additionally, Peter and Destiny are trying to find a new way to help Lynda. This is because the lawyers are informing them the case is hopeless.

In the last two episodes of season two, Peter is under questioning while Roman goes for a final transfusion. Furthermore, Norman confronts Oliva as Peter is recovering at home.

Hemlock Grove Season Three

Spivak’s past comes to light during the search for Miranda and Nadia. Also, Roman has comes across a mysterious stranger. In the second episode, Annie tells Roman her secrets during an investigation of two attacks.

Finally, horrific findings are waiting for Peter and Roman from Spivak’s cabin. The season ends with Annie confronting Olivia about her dad’s death.

Reception of the Tv Show

During the premiere of Hemlock Grove, it has more viewers on Netflix than House of Cards. However, the reviews were mixed. It has a 26% review on Rotten Tomatoes after thirty-four studies. This rating is 4.68 out of 10. It was for the first season.

As for the second season, the rating was 5.29 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes. This was after eleven reviews. In IMDB, Hemlock Grove has a 7.1 out of 10 ratings. The highly-rated episodes were season one, episode twelve, and season two, episode nine on IMDB.


This is all we had for you about Hemlock Grove season four. It is terrible that it will not be hitting your screens any sooner. But in case of new updates, we will inform you immediately. Thank you for your time.