Atlantis Season 3: All You Need to Know About Atlantis

Atlantis Season 3

When is season three of Atlantis premiering? This is what you are waiting for and have been since 2015. I understand it has been six years since the second season’s release. So, today you are the right place to know about the latest updates about Atlantis season three.

But will its release be soon? Or will we wait for a long or has it been canceled? Don’t worry about that, as I got this information and much more about Atlantis season three.

Ready! Let’s start.

About Atlantis

Atlantis is an adventure, fantasy, drama, and roman television series. Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, and Howard Overman are the creators of this series. The show features notable actors like Jack Donnelly, Mark Addy, Robert Emms, Aiysha Hart, Sarah Parish, and more.

It has two seasons with a total of twenty-five episodes. The average run time of season one episodes is forty-five minutes. While ninety minutes for season two. Urban myth films are the production company of Atlantis.

The season was aired on BBC One from 28th September 2013 and 16th May 2015 for the second season. During its premiere, it was the most-watched Saturday night drama series.

Atlantis Season 3 Release Date

The first two seasons have been outstanding, and it has been long since the release of season two of Atlantis. Thus, raising questions of whether the third season is coming or the show was canceled.

As per BBC, the third season of Atlantis won’t be hitting your screen any time unless otherwise. This is because the second season was the finale of the show. BBC went further to thank Urban myth films, the cast, and the crew for their hard work. But due to unavoidable circumstances, there will be no renewal for a third season.

All You Need to Know About Atlantis

The Plot

Atlantis features a young man Jack Donnelly as Jason, who is searching for his dad. Jason’s dad has been missing for a long time, and in the start, he searched for him. On his journey to finding his dad, Jason used a submarine to know how the deep-sea disturbance made his dad disappear.

While on the submarine, it fails, and he then finds himself in Atlantis kingdom. King Minos is the head of the Atlantis region. However, Minos is hungry for power, and his wife, Queen Pasiphae, is manipulative.

Jason finds shelter from locals who are unlucky and don’t have jobs. The couple includes Hercules and Pythagoras. Hercules has a drinking and gambling addiction problem as he spends much time in taverns. As for Pythagoras are enjoying beautiful triangles.

What Happened in Season One of Atlantis?

The series begins with Jason, who is searching for his father, who has been missing. His trip/investigation lands him in the Atlantis Kingdom. Jason starts living with Hercules and Pythagoras. The trio becomes a team, but Jason puts them in danger.

Jason, Hercules, and Pythagoras have to jump over bulls. They further are at the mercy of King Minos, who instructs Poseidon to declare the trio’s fate. First, however, they need to be a brake to survive the charging beasts.

Hercules has romantic problems that lead him to go to a powerful witch, so Medusa falls in love with him. He succeeds, but Medusa is later kidnapped by a cruel moneylender named Kyros. Unfortunately, Jason is not able to afford money; thus, starving. Luckily, he comes across an abandoned feast. Even though he wasn’t sure, his gluttonous behavior is depicted in this scenario.

The Storyline of Season Two

Season one of Atlantis ended as King Minos is not feeling well. Furthermore, its health is deteriorating faster. Therefore, the second season starts with the death of King Minos. In that occurrence, Queen Pasiphae is banished from the kingdom.

This led Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos and Pasiphae, to become the new queen. However, her first challenge was an attack from her mother and her military. So, Ariadne sent Jason, Pythagoras, and Hercules to rescue Lord Sarpedon from Thera as it was the town under attack.

Additionally, she sends them to recover the palladium from the former queen and her army before Atlantis falls. Pasiphae goes ahead to attack Atlantis, but she doesn’t have enough men to sustain the fight. In that process, Jason is caught by one of the army men, but Pasiphae rescues him. Hercules saw all this, and he was astonished.

Final Words

The last episode ends with Jason freeing the prisoners to help in trying to recapture Atlantis. Hercules oversees the marriage of Jason and Ariadne. Additionally, Medea tells Jason how to kill Pasiphae. He does so and heads back to Atlantis as the King and Ariadne as queen.

Later, Pasiphae is resurrected and retakes the throne throwing Jason and his friends into hiding.

This was all about Atlantis seasons one and two. If we get any news about the production and release date of the third season, you will be the first to know. Thank you for your time.

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