Maury Season 4: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled?

Maury Season 4

The fandom for talk shows has always been crazy across the globe. As fans, people like celebrities interact with other celebrities or different people from different walks of life and discuss the different aspects of life and issues related to society. Maury is a popular tabloid talk show hosted by Maury Povich, who is a popular anchor and actor. 

Initially, when the show was launched in 1991, it was named The Maury Povich Show. It was produced by MoPo Productions Inc. and Paramount Domestic Television. Finally, in 1995, the show was renamed, Maury. In 1998, NBCUniversal (Studios USA then) bought its rights and officially named it Maury.

Show Details:

TV Series: Maury
Genre: Tabloid talk show
Original run: September 9, 1991 –


Directed by: Andrew Povich
Produced by: Paul Faulhaber

Maury Povich

MoPo Productions

Faulhaber Media


Paramount Domestic Television


Studios USA Television Distribution


Universal Domestic Television


NBCUniversal Television Distribution


Distributors: Paramount Domestic Television


Studios USA Television Distribution


Universal Domestic Television


NBCUniversal Television Distribution


Creators: Maury Povich
Original language: English

Maury Season 4 Release Date

More about the show:

Maury is a talk show that belongs to the genre of Tabloid talk shows. It was created by Maury Povich and directed by Andrew Povich. It was presented by Maury Povich and the show was shot and made in the United States of America. 

The show had 30 seasons and more than 3,600 episodes. The executive producers of the show are Paul Faulhaber and Maury Povich. Each of its episodes was approximately 42 minutes long. 

The production companies involved in its production are MoPo Productions, Faulhaber Media

(2009–present), Paramount Domestic Television (1991–1998), Studios USA Television Distribution (1998–2002), Universal Domestic Television (2002–2004), and NBC Universal Television Distribution (2004–present). 

The Distributors of the show are Paramount Domestic Television (1991–1998), Studios USA Television Distribution (1998–2002), Universal Domestic Television (2002–2004), NBC Universal Television Distribution (2004–present). 

The original network on which the show was aired was Syndication. The picture format for the show was NTSC from 1991 to 2012 and HDTV 1080i from 2012 to the present. It premiered on September 9, 1991.


The TV show Maury is an American talk show that has worked to bring a number of topics that aren’t talked about much or are considered off-limits for public conversation to light. The show is hosted by Maury Povich and has had a total of 30 seasons released since the airing of the original season 1. 

The show and the host Maury herself have managed to deal with various issues across their 30 exquisite seasons of social awareness. The various topics that are being mentioned include subjects like teenage pregnancy and problems faced by the women who get pregnant while being a teenager.

How society handles their problems, sexual infidelity of women, as well as men and not being sexually fertile, not being a subject to one’s masculinity, paternity test results, and how the person is affected by the results from both sides of the coin, are some topics that the show covered.

It also talked about the people suffering from rare or uncommon illnesses trying to survive in a comparatively normal atmosphere, teenagers getting “out of control” with their behavior as well as transgender individuals and their struggles amidst society. 

The list includes these but is absolutely not limited to these. The 3600+ total episodes also include episodes that feature updates on the past guests who appeared in the show via either video calling or physical presence at the shoot. At the end of every season, a top 10 guests countdown has become a ritual that is hosted by Maury herself.


In 2017, tabloid talk show Maury was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment. However, it did not win the award. It lost the award to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


The show never really got caught in any serious controversies. However, there were several critics that believed that the show, as some of its contemporaries, was using the stories of people to entertain their audience. Very often, the show was criticized for treating serious issues with not the deserved amount of sensitivity.

In context to one of the show’s episodes, Whitney Matheson, a leading journalist in USA Today wrote a column, as a part of which read, “Povich’s talk show is, without a doubt, the worst thing on television. Period. Don’t be fooled by the pressed shirt and pleated khakis; Maury is miles farther down the commode than Jerry Springer.”


An announcement was made on February 27, 2012, about the Maury show. Trisha Goddard, who had hosted a talk show of her own in England, shall be shooting The Trisha Goddard Show in America. The show was produced by the executive producer of Maury, Paul Faulhaber. It premiered on the syndication channel in 2012. The Trisha Goddard Show was being seen as a spin-off of Maury. However, it was called off after two seasons.

Paternity Court was another talk show that was being considered a spin-off of Maury. However, it was cleared later that it wasn’t a spin-off of Maury but was inspired by the show. Paternity Court premiered on September 23, 2013. 

Fatt Father who is a Detroit-based rapper released an album by the name of “You Are The Father”. The album was named after this show.  

Will there be a new season?

Maury is one of the most loved talk shows of America. It is one of the most-watched shows in the country. While the show has had 30 seasons till now and 23 seasons after the revamp, its fans are eagerly waiting for the renewal of its latest season. 

Maury’s renewal through September 2018 was done in October 2014. Through the season for 2019–2020, it was renewed in June 2018. Finally, through the 2021–2022 season, Maury was renewed in March 2020.

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