Zoom Season 8: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled?

Zoom Season 8

There are several children’s entertainment series that have been popular and loved amongst kids and adults equally. One such children’s entertainment series is Zoom. It is suited for kids above the age of 8 years. The USP of this series is that it is entirely made by children.

Zoom premiered on January 4, 1999, on PBS, and its last episode aired on May 6, 2005. The series was inspired by and also a remake of another series that had the same name. Both Zoom and the series of the same name which inspired it were produced by WGBH-TV in Boston. The show was also aired on the Canadian version of Discovery Kids.

Show Details:

TV Series: Zoom
Genre: Children’s entertainment series
Original run: January 4, 1999 –

May 6, 2005

Producers Jonathan Meath

Alan Catello 


Kate Taylor

Composer: Manic Moose
Network: PBS (January 4, 1999 – September 6, 1999)

PBS Kids (September 6, 1999 – May 6, 2005)

Creators: Christopher Sarson
Original language: English

Zoom Season 8 Release Date

More about the show:

Zoom is a popular children’s entertainment series that has been created by Christopher Sarson and has been developed by WGBH Boston. Its opening theme is “Come On and Zoom” and its ending theme is “Send It to Zoom” from Seasons 1, 2, and 7. 

“Send Us Z-Mail” is its ending theme for seasons 3 to 6. The music of the series has been composed by Manic Moose and the show originated in the United States of America. The original language of the show was English and it had a total of 7 seasons. The total number of episodes throughout the show is 200. 

The executive producer of the show is Kate Taylor and it has been produced by Jonathan Meath, Alan Catello, and Grazioso. Each episode of the show was approximately 26 minutes long. The Production company involved in its production is WGBH-TV and the show was originally aired on PBS from January 4, 1999, to September 6, 1999, and on PBS Kids from September 6, 1999, to May 6, 2005.

The show premiered on January 4, 1999, till May 6, 2005, and was a remake of the 1972 TV series Zoom.


After the 1972 show went off the air, Zoom came back as its remake in 1999 and followed the same format. It had almost similar games as the previous show and its content took ideas that were given by the viewers of the show. 

The second installment of the zoom series ran for around 7 seasons, from 1999 to 2005. Each series featured Seven children and all of these children were known as Boomers. 

In September 1995, the show managed to shoot its pilot episode. The episode had an entirely different cast than the others and it went around to the funders by 1997. Finally, in November of the same year, it was aired on television. 

In 2004, the show announced that it shall be conducting auditions for the cast of its eighth season, but in December of the same month, they announced that there shall not be the eighth season and that the show was being taken down. 

A major reason behind canceling the eighth season of the show was the surging numbers of kids tv shows and the growing competition between the contemporaries. There was also a massive fall in the ratings of the show. 

Finally, on May 6, 2005, the finale episode of the series was aired on various PBS member stations. At no point throughout the episode did the makers drop any hint about the cancellation of the show. Till 2007, several PBS channels aired the reruns of the show.     


The pilot episode of the show aired in 1997 and the kids involved in its cast were Enid, Marcus, Hayley, Esther, Mira, Daniel, Georgina, and Chad Nelson. Season 1 of the show aired in 1999 and the kids involved in its cast were Zoe Costello, Jared Nathan, Keiko Yoshida, Pablo Velez Jr., Alisa Besher, David Toropov, and Lynese Browder.

Season 2 of the show aired in 2000 and the kids involved in its cast was Ray Mac, More Caroline, Botelho, Claudio Jimenez, Alisa Besher, Jessica “Jessie” Ogungbadero, Kenny Yates, and Zoe Costello. 

Season 3 of the show aired in 2001 and the kids involved in its cast were Frances Domond, Kenny Yates, Rachel Redd, Eric Rollins, Kaleigh Cronin, Kevin “Buzz” Barrette, and Caroline Botelho. 

Season 4 of the show aired in 2002 and the kids involved in its cast were Aline Barta, Garrett DiBona, Rachel Redd, Matthew “Matt” Gornstein, Estuardo Alvizures, Kaleigh Cronin, and Caroline Botelho. 

The Season 5 of the show aired in 2003 and the kids involved in its cast were Caroline Botelho, Aline Barta, Estuardo Alvizures, Garrett DiBona, Michael “Mike” Hansen, Kortney Sumner, and Elena “Shing Ying” Shieh.

Season 6 of the show aired in 2004 and the kids involved in its cast were Michael “Mike” Hansen, Kortney Sumner, Francesco Tena, Cara Harvey, Kyle Larrow, Maya Morales, and Elena “Shing Ying” Shieh. 

Season 7 of the show aired in 2005 and the kids involved in its cast were Nick Henry, Taylor Garron, Francesco Tena, Noreen Raja, Emily Marshall, Kyle Larrow, and Elena “Shing Ying” Shieh.

Segments of the show:

There were several segments included in the show. These segments were Zoom Sci, Zoom Along/Zoom Phenom, Zoom Zinger.

Zoom Do Creative handicrafts or activities., Zoom Game, Cafe Zoom, and Zoom Znack, Zoom Playhouse, Zoom Chat Zmail, Zoom Reviews, What Zup, Zoom Vid, Zoom Guest, ZoomA Cum Laude, and Zoom Into Action, Zoops, Fannee Doolee, Ubbi Dubbi, and Zoom tale(s).

Will there be an eighth season?

After the seventh season of the show went off air, fans of the show were eagerly waiting for the renewal of the show for its eighth season. However, soon the makers made an announcement that there won’t be an eighth season. 

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