Poldark Season 6. Will it Be Renewed?

Poldark Season 6

Period Dramas can never get old as they portray the best out of every time. Therefore fans are always looking for a brand new drama show to hit their screens. Thanks for the expectation, there is plenty of options to keep watching, still, nothing overturns the desire to get the 6th season of Poldark. Continue reading to get more information about the release of season 6.

Poldark drama was adapted from the famous novel written by Winston Graham. Poldark follows the life of a captain named Ross Vennor Poldark who existed back in 1781. although the series majorly focuses on romance it provides far more to fans. 

From the war’s darkness to daily life in the 18th century, we get to know a glimpse of how human beings in the era were their main concerns for their lives.


There is no doubt that Poldark was an amazing series with almost a million fans globally. However as the story continued, the show was concluded on its season 5, thus leaving fans craving for more. 

Is There Possibility for return of Poldark Season 6

Poldark was aired back in 2015 and was last premiered in 2019. Since then there is no altered word concerning the release of Poldark season 6. This is an alarming issue mostly to the series fans but there is nothing fans can do other than wait.

 Unfortunately, the book ended after the release of season 5 thus meaning that for the series to continue, the scenarist has to write some other content materials for themselves without depending on the original material to guide them.

Previously, not only did BBC state they had a plan to keep the series up to series five but also the leading actor of the series Aidan Turner claimed when they started Poldark they had aimed at completing it at season 5 according to the books they were depending on.

Poldark Season 6 Release Date

Still, we keep our hopes high, if there will be a renewal for season 6 of Poldark, it is high time for its release following previous dates of prior episodes. This shows that the Poldark season 6 date might be around July 2022.

The Cast

Poldark consists of multiple talented actors in its cast, namely, Elanor Tomlinson, Jack Farthing, Luke Norris, Aidan Turner, Elise Chappell, Harry Richardson, Kerri Mclean among others.

Cancellation of Poldark

Season 5 was set to be the last and final season of the series. The filming of the final season began in September 2018 and the season began to premiere in July 2019 and ended on August 26, 2019. The season covers the ending of the 1801 time period an event which nine-year before the eighth novel, the stranger originated from the sea.

It indicates that there will be no season 6 of the Poldark since season five was set as the final season, unfortunately, it’s bad news to the fans. It was clearly stated in the BBC that Poldark was to be released up to season 5 based on the novel. Turner stated that at their start they had wished to finalize at season 5.

 He added that during the filming of this series there was some sense of the complete relief that they managed to take up that far, that the show was successful and that fans enjoyed watching it. Hitting the mark and going back to release the fifth series was every character’s goal thus they are proud that they have achieved what they anticipated, Turner claimed.

The plot of the Season

The storyline of the story features Ross Poldark who goes back to England after taking the part fight for the American revolution. His family and friends left with the thoughts that Ross died. The lady he was anticipating to marry got engaged to his cousin. After his return, he learned that his father had died and the property he has inherited had been left to deteriorate. 

It is during the late 1700s in Cornwall, England. It is a family show however it portrays the challenges and misunderstanding dominating the rich and the poor. This comedy shows a time when fishermen are not lucky to catch much fish, also copper and tin mines are shutting down as a result of too low prices. However, the price of all foodstuffs and rents a high. Ross experienced a lot of challenges of trying to make his piece of land more productive and also taking care of tenants who depended on him and working hard to win back the love of his life or looking for ways to live without her.