Society Season 2. Renewal Status, Cast, and Plot


The Society was aired on Netflix in 2019 where it happened to be a hit during that year since it was one of the interesting mystery thrillers in 2019. This series won its many loyal fans, however, these fans didn’t get a chance to view season two of the series. The inaugural installment of the series ended with a major cliffhanger, where a lot of stories are yet there to tell. Now, will Netflix ever return the second season of this mystery show? Continue reading for more information

Society is known as one of the American teen Mystery thriller web TV shows. Christopher Keyser is the developer of the show on Netflix. It also portrays some post-apocalyptic elements where some groups of teens learn how rum into their society after the whole town disappeared.

The full season was premiered in May 2019. And since then, fans are still craving for the return of season two.

Society Season 2
Society Season 2

Society Season 2: Renewal

After two months of the completion of the debut season, The Society received a renewal from Netflix on July 19. All the old and new crew were set to start its production in March 2020. But, then the pandemic hit the world leading to the shutting down of the entertainment industry.

Later in July-August 2020, when the cast members were gearing up again to start filming for the second season, Netflix decided to withhold their decision. Most streaming sites canceled some of the season’s original series, Society happened to be among them.

Both the showrunner and the cast crew were much disappointed after receiving such breaking news. One of the leading actresses of the series named Kathryn Newton wrote to his social media a picture of a zoom group call captured, ‘ I am Proud’. During an Interview, Christopher also said that they were in the preparation process but Netflix called then and broke the news to them.

Reasons Behind the Cancellation of the Society

It emerged several reasons behind the cancelation of the series by Netflix. The main reason was that there was a sudden increase in its production cost as a result of the pandemic. Both The Society season two as well as I am Not Okey with This season two also were canceled as a result of such claims.

Additionally, The Society also has a huge cast which led to another issue for their cancellation. Everybody was eagerly waiting for the return of this show and its return on Netflix. Unfortunately, the unexpected announcement from Netflix hit the fans and shattered their hopes. They are still persuading Netflix to reverse their decision, however, this could be a hard decision.

What was expected in Season 2

It is anticipated that the sequel will pick from where season one ended. It may also show how the group of teens got stuck in a parallel world while other people are in their right places. Society season 2 will be about every teenager trying to look for their way back home. 

Their parents will be also in the dark without the idea of what befell their children.

The plot of the society season

The group of teens who are acting as the main characters in the society got a small break from the smell since they had returned to the camp trip. While in their sleep, the coach driver tells them that they had to go back in the middle of the night to west ham town.

From the murmurings, after they entered the school buses, they got a sense that the smell had vanished. However what happened? then they found themselves at the crux of the problems, where a wealthy town miraculously turned out to be very empty, raising some concerns among the group.

 In true teenage drama, other than panicking, the characters opted to hold a party to celebrate the absence of their parents which showed how ridiculous horny these students were. As the party continues, Grizz who acted as Jack Mulhern realized something writing on a wall had disappeared which was believed to be some of the biblical words which were to come important later.

Gwen also realized that they were not connected to the outside world, since they could not access any signal, no 911, no data. The following day, Harry acted as Alex Fitzalan tried to venture on the road and noticed that all the possible exits had been blocked. It looked that the whole town was covered by woodlands. 

Grizz decided to create a search party, on the other hand, Harry in the company of Cassandra clashed for possible plans. Campbell did a foolish decision of informing the whole town that they had been trapped, activating everyone into a panicking situation.