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Should You Hire Professional Floor Installers for Your Job?

Should You Hire Professional Floor Installers for Your Job

Think about everything you need for a remodel. New roofing, windows, wall treatments, and appliances are a few major points on the checklist.

You can’t undergo a full remodel without new flooring.

New floors tie the whole project together. In fact, flooring installation alone can completely transform the look of your home or business. Replacing carpet with hardwood floors is a big change that can save you the cost of additional remodeling.

Your next step is to consider hiring floor installers or undergoing the project yourself.

Here are a few factors to consider as you make your decision.

DIY vs. Professional Floor Installers

Only homeowners (or small business owners) will hands-on remodeling experience should attempt a floor installation.

If you own a business, it’s recommended that you hire a professional even if you do have past experience. You have compliance issues to think about like OSHA regulations. Small businesses must provide a safe, clean, and professional environment to ensure customer service; you don’t want bad reviews due to poor flooring!

Customers can also sue for slips and falls on incorrectly installed floors.

Homeowners can take more liberties with floor installation. However, this decision can result in health and safety hazards. You also don’t want slips and falls.

If you’re going to go the DIY route, start with a garage renovation. This is a good space to hone your DIY skills. Otherwise, you should look into epoxy chip flooring systems from professional installers.

Choose Your Flooring Textures

Now it’s time for the fun part!

Put your creative hat on and choose your ideal flooring from a range of colorful materials.

Hardwood is an excellent first choice. You have your pick of gorgeous cherrywood, mahogany, and maple.

Other types to consider include:

Bamboo flooring also adds a modern yet classic touch to a home remodel. It also works for small restaurants.

Hardwood floors can open up spaces, helping to create the illusion of a larger home. You won’t lose that cozy vibe, either. Homes with hardwood wall treatments and flooring can be decorated with a shabby chic look.

Don’t forget there are vinyl alternatives that mimic the look of hardwood for less. This type of flooring is easier to manage and may even be safer.

Carpets and Rugs

You don’t have to ditch the fabric, either. After installing your hardwood floor, consider adding beautiful area rugs. This creates a timeless, traditional look.

There are also area rugs woven in modern designs, perfect for minimalist homes and lofts. You can find these rugs in bright, vibrant colors. For example, white panels and white hardwood floors pair well with colorful modern rugs.

Of course, you can always install carpeting. Synthetic carpeting like nylon is still a popular choice. You can also install berber, plush, olefin, and polyester carpeting.

Like paint samples, you can procure carpet samples from a local flooring showroom.

Install The Perfect Floor

There are so many flooring options to consider.

Start by brainstorming what you want and choosing your ideal materials. Next, hire professional floor installers; they may also have suggestions to consider.

Keep searching for more creative ideas to bring your remodel to life. Bookmark the blog to stay in the loop!