5 Great Tech Tools for Teachers

5 Great Tech Tools for Teachers

The impact of technology in schools can’t be denied: According to this report, a whopping 89% of teachers use educational technology to enhance the classroom experience.

If you’re a new teacher or you’re not very tech-savvy, looking at teaching tools can seem overwhelming. We’re here to demystify the process. Explore these five tech tools for teachers.

1. SpotCheck

If you have trouble with student engagement, SpotCheck is the tool for your classroom. With remote learning increasing in popularity, SpotCheck allows you to check your students’ progress in real-time.

You can use SpotCheck for remote, hybrid, or in-person courses. If your students have technology, they will be able to access SpotCheck. It allows you to see how well they’re mastering concepts, and whether you need to go over concepts one more time.

2. Parlay

Have you ever wanted teaching tools that can track the direction of a discussion? Parlay is your answer to that and more. It’s a unique tool that shows how often students contribute to a discussion, and where it’s headed.

This is a fantastic tool to use if you’re an English teacher or you want to discuss literature and texts. You can also use it to analyze whether students are engaged in the content through response counting.

3. Prezi

Time to move away from boring old PowerPoint. Although the Microsoft mainstay is reliable, there are better teaching tools that have emerged in the education sector in the past couple of decades.

Prezi is an online tool where you can create unique presentations. It allows students to collaborate, and you can use pre-made templates for any project you can think of.

Since Prezi is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. You don’t have to worry about losing data or accidentally leaving your presentation on a different device.

4. Mural

Mural is a fantastic tool to use in your classroom, especially if you have older students. Make your teaching job easier by allowing students to contribute to a shared workspace.

You and your students can write on sticky notes and see each other’s updates in real time. This is one of the biggest keys to collaborating in a virtual environment.

5. Google Classroom

The education industry simply wouldn’t be the same without Google Classroom. If you’re used to using the Google Interface, getting up to speed with Google Classroom will be a breeze.

The best thing about Google Classroom is that all the features you need are in one streamlined space. You can hold a video meeting, track assignments, update grades, and post announcements in one place.

In addition, you won’t have to break the bank to use Google Classroom. It’s completely free for anyone with a Google account.

Try These Tech Tools for Teachers Today

You don’t want to be a teacher who’s behind the curve in terms of technology. With these and many other tech tools for teachers, you can bring the classroom experience to the next level.

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