The Rookie Season 4. Renewal and Updates

The Rookie Season 4

For the lovers of the famous series, The Rookie is season 4 is back to ABC with a huge bang After season 3 was concluded. The fourth season was aired on ABC on Sunday, 26th September 2021. This was after a harrowing wait of cliffhanger conclusion for season three.

The Rookie is an American Police procedural television series. It’s a series comprised of crime, comedy, drama, and action. Since the first season’s first episode was released, fans have received a positive response. It has managed to get 8 out of 10 on IMDb.

The new episode starts exactly where the last season ended when West and Lopez were detained by the Vindictive La Fiera, who escaped from her prison transport. All the teams work hand in hand to rescue Jackson and Angela. However, it’s too late to protect one of them since Jackson has already been killed.

What Is The Release Date of Rookie Season 4?

The Rookie has been a strong performer for ABC for a couple of three seasons, and it is clear that fans are hoping to keep that spirit going into the future years. According to Deadline, every episode almost received approximately 10 million viewers during the first 35 days on both linear and digital platforms.


These are motivating figures, especially during this modern generation, where many streaming platforms and networks divide people’s attention compared to previous years.

When the third season was aired in January 2021, many fans thought it wouldn’t take long to receive more episodes. This was a result of the covid-19 pandemic affecting some of the productions.

For past years, a new Rookie season would stream in September or October.

The plot of the Rookie season

The series follows a small-town guy named John Nolan, who, after facing challenges in life, he is pursuing his dream of becoming a LAPO officer. Being the force’s oldest rookie, he came across skepticism from higher-ups who valued him as just a walking midlife crisis.

If he cannot cope with the young criminals and cops, he will be putting his life and those of others in danger. But if he manages to utilize his life experience, sense of humor, and determination, he will succeed in his new chapter in life.

A real story inspires the Rookie seasons. John Nolan is the oldest rookie in the LAPD. He is at his age where many people are at their peaks in their careers. Nolan set aside his small-town life, was comfortable, and relocated to L. A to pursue his dream career as a cop. Now he is in the middle of 20 years his juniors. Nolan has a task to go through a dangerous, unpredictable world and be Humorous.

What to expect in season 4

When season three was concluded, it was seen that west and Chen had a couple of outings as p2s, and Lopez had already been promoted to detective position, whereby she also realized she was pregnant. Nolan is still waiting for his training session to end.

During the day of Angela and Wesley, Angela disappeared where she was kidnapped by the leader of a drug cartel who had managed to escape LAPD custody, and he was up to the revenge.

In this series, The Rookie season 4 1 named Life and Death, we have experienced officer Nolan and the other teams trying to race against the clock to find Lopez after being kidnapped on her wedding day. Nolan and his team want to save her life and the life of his unborn child.

In season four, after Angela was kidnapped, she was taken to Guatemala to be held there by La Fiera until she gave birth afterward. La Fiera is planning to kill her and keep the baby.

Some of the cast members in the popular series include Richard T. Jones named Wade Grey, Mekia Cox acting as Nyla Harper, Zayne Emory as Wesley Evers, Sara Rue as Nell Forester, Michael Beach acting as Percy West and Nathan Fillion as John Nolan, among many other cast members.

The Rookie season Four Ratings

The fourth season averages almost a 0.32 rating in the 18-49 demographic with approximately 2.80 million viewers.  Compared to season 3, that means there is a decrease of 34% in the demo and 25% in viewership in the live+ same-day ratings. These ratings are good indicators of how the series is performing, mostly when the comparison is made with others in a similar channel.