Man with a Plan Season 5. Will it Be Back?

Man with a Plan Season 5

Man with a plan is famously known as an American television sitcom produced by Jackie and Jeff Filgo, starring Matt LeBlanc, who acted as an execrative producer. The series was aired on CBS from October 24, 2016, to June 11, 2020, releasing 69 episodes covering four seasons. The string used to stream on CBS Monday night line up comedy for its first three seasons before the management decided to reshuffle it to stream on Thursdays nights for the 4th and the last episode.

The LeBlanc features Adam Burns, who acts as a contractor while raising three children named Grace Kaufman, Hala Finely, and Matthew McCann, who opted to resume his work as a medical technician in the pilot.

The Cast of Man with a Plan

Casting for the main show began in February 2016 with Matt Leblanc and was concluded the following month. On May 13, it was announced that Jenna Fischer, who was acting as the female lead alongside LeBlanc in the show, had quitted, and her role was to recast.

In 2021, fisher asserted on the office ladies podcast that the role she was casting was recast due to the test audience not believing that Pam would be marrying Joey. On August 1, it was declared that Liza Snyder was to replace Fischer as the female lead. On August 2, 2016, it was announced that Kelvin Nealon had joined the casting team in the leading role.

Man with a Plan
Man with a Plan

Later in September declaration was made that Kali Rocha was promoted to act as the show regularly for the season.


On May 6, 2020, CBS declared that The Man with a plan was canceled after releasing season four. Despite having a satisfactory rating, the network was announced that the decision was made to lower the cost after the merger of CBC and Viacom that happened the same year.

The resulted due to high expenses in production. This was the primary factor that led to the cancelation of the series. The series ended after the release of the season on June 11, 2020, after the 69th episode.

The Critical ratings of Man with a Plan

Man with a plan got negative reviews from critics. From review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the show has the approval of almost 21% based on 29 reviews grading the series an average rating of 3.29/10.

The Plot

Man with a plan features olden Globe Award Matt Leblanc in a comic series about a contractor who began spending more time with his family when his wife returned to work and came to realize the truth about every parent. Their little angles are a maniac.

 Adan, also known as LeBlanc, feels fully responsible for taking on more parenting responsibilities. His self-assured wife, Andi, goes back to work after staying as a housewife for almost 13 years. However, to Adam, it was a blindsided experience to wrangle with three messy children who can’t even survive without wi-fi.

Their middle teen daughter named Kate, is well known as a master manipulator. At first, she is thrilled that ‘daddy fun times’ is taking over, the middle kid named Teddy cast Matthew McCann can’t seem to do without his hands in his pants. Despite several reminders, their last precious youngest named, Emme who is well known as Hala Finley, is nervous about starting kindergarten.

However, with encouragement from Andi and advice from other parents in his situation, Marie named Jessica and Lowel, known as Matt, Adam decided to take responsibility for his blood, lay down the law, and realized he was going to make it.

The Cancellation of Man With a Plan

Man with a plan had already gotten high viewership ratings since it was aired on October 14, 2016. On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, the channel CBS declared that the famous sitcom wouldn’t be renewed for the 5th season. Other popular series such as Broke, Tommy among others, suffered a similar fate. So what was the cause for the cancelation?

According to trustful sources, comedy was canceled due to budget cuts. As the authorities pronounced, the show was too expensive for the podcast, thus causing the network to cut it instead.

Although the series surrounding the life f a stay home dad had shown to be a big hit among many fans. Fans had swarmed to Twitter to raise their voices to the disappointments, with many of them offering a great deal of frustration about the abrupt decisions.