The Uncanny Counter season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

The Uncanny Counter season 2

When it comes to the content of TV series of any genre, then South Korean shows indeed make a mass appeal. Those who love to watch such Korean shows will recommend you for sure. They are not only popular in their homeland country but also overseas. The plot is so engaging and gripping in such shows that it keeps you glued till the end. One such example is a Korean show called The Uncanny Counter. 

This South Korean television show features a talented cast including Jo Byung-Gyu, Kim Se-Jeong, and others. It is adapted from Jang Yi’s webtoon series Amazing Rumor. The story revolves around So Mun, the central character of the show. He is a disabled student from a high school who gets listed in the group of Counters that deal in paranormal activity. 

The group is mainly known for paranormal hunters who combat evil spirits. These are those that find escape routes from the beyond-death gateway to pounce upon the humans. The first season of The Uncanny Counter aired with sixteen episodes last year (2020) from 28th November to the present year (2021) till 24th January on OCN.  

It used to come on weekends (Saturdays & Sundays). All the episodes of The Uncanny Counter streamed internationally and in the home country of South Korea on Netflix post the broadcasting on television. It became a huge success among the audience and became a highly rated show on OCN. Now the show is slated for the release of its new season 2. So if interested in knowing when it is going to come, then let us check out this article. 

Show Details 

TV series: The Uncanny Counter
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, & Thriller
Based on: Amazing Rumor by Jang Yi
Written by: Yeo Ji-na, Yoo Seon-dong, & Kim Sae-bom
Place Of Origin: South Korea
Star cast: Jo Byung-gyu, Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Se-jeong, Yeom Hye-ran & others
Original language: Korean
Number of seasons:  1
Number of episodes: 16

The Uncanny Counter season 2 Release Date

Story plot

As has been hinted above the story plot of The Uncanny Counter revolves around a team of four demon hunters. Their group is known as Counters, and they are tasked with finding and driving out the evil spirits that wander beyond the death gateway and want to be immortal. 

Now in most horror stories or television series, it is seen that evil spirits make prey to innocent beings. But in The Uncanny Counter, the evil spirits are seen possessing those with criminal mindsets or the ones who have murdered someone. They prompt them to commit the crime and then consume the spirit of the deceased. 

But there comes a stage when the Counters group falls into a deep coma state lying in the boundary between the afterlife and the living world. They are possessed by a partnering spirit who grants them the strong physical ability and supernatural powers attached with perfect health and senses. 

Among four of the Counter group, 3 of them take up jobs as workers in a noodle restaurant, to conceal their actual identity. These are Ga Mo-tak, Choo Mae-ok, and Do Ha-na. But the fourth member of the group Jang Cheol-Joong is killed by an evil spirit of level 3 during combat. The killer consumes his spirit. After that Wi-gen, his Yung partner, makes hard efforts in searching for the new unconscious human life to possess. 

Mysteriously, she (Wi-gen) puts her focus on So Mun, a high school student, who appears healthy and living despite being disabled. The moment he is possessed by Wi-gen, Mun experiences strange changes in his body and even sees her in the dreams. At first, he doesn’t have any idea about bizarre things happening to him, but later he comes to know the truth from Eonni’s Noodles restaurant. 

Soon Mun fills up the void left by the death of Cheol-Joong. And then starts his stirring journey of a battle against fearsome demons, while going back to his past, and revealing the unpleasant truth behind a project that has to be developed again in Jungjin. 

Briefing 2 main cast of The Uncanny Counter

After knowing the summary of The Uncanny Counter, now let us briefly know about any 2 main star cast of this mystery-thriller Korean series. 

Jo Byung-Gyu

Jo Byung-Gyu is the main leading cast of The Uncanny Counter. He plays the character of So Mun, a disabled high school student, who gets possessed by Wi-gen after finding it physically fit and alive. He fills up the space of Cheol-Jeong who gets killed during a battle with a level 3 evil spirit and becomes the new fourth member of the Counter group. 

Jo Byeong-kyu is a talented actor from South Korea born in 1996 on 23rd April. Other than The Uncanny Counter, he has done popular roles in other television series including Sky Castle, Riders: Catch Tomorrow, Hot Stove League, Queen for Seven Days, Dokgo Rewind, Money Flower, Arthdal Chronicles, and films like Fantasy of the Girls, There is an Alien Here, Life Risking Romance and Special Ending

Kim Se-Jeong

Kim Se-Jeong is also one of the main leading cast of The Uncanny Counter. She plays the character of Do Ha-na. She is one of the group members of Counters. Do Ha-na works at a restaurant serving noodles. She is blessed with the power of sensing the evil spirits from far sight and is also capable of reading and entering into memories as if she is physically present there. 

Kim is also a South Korean actress born in 1996 on 28th August. Other than acting, she is also proficient in singing, music, and songwriting. Other than The Uncanny Counter, she is also known for her lead roles in Busted and School 2017. The Korean actress has made appearances in other TV shows including K-Pop Star 2, Get It Beauty, Battle Trip, and Busted!

When to expect the second season of The Uncanny Counter?

The first season of the mystery-thriller Korean series The Uncanny Counter received a positive response from the viewers and became a big success. So now it is obvious that fans who have loved the show must be eagerly waiting for season 2 of The Uncanny Counter. But as of now no such official confirmation of its release has been announced yet. So let’s hope for it by 2022.