Silicon Valley season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Silicon Valley season 7

Silicon Valley is one of the best comedy television shows in America. The first premiere of this TV series came in 2016 on HBO in April. Mike Judge, Dave Krinsky, and John Altschuler are the people behind the creation of the Silicon Valley comedy series. During the early stage of his career, Mike had gained prior experience working in a startup. 

Even though he did not stay for long there he did get the experience of having a background in creating a television show named Silicon Valley. Taking the idea, Mike based the story on five young men who were behind the foundation of a startup firm in Silicon Valley. When Silicon Valley got released it received positive feedback from the critics as well as audiences. 

At the time of its initial streaming, many understood it as a comical presentation of modern technology and the people who were behind the creation of it. The comedy sitcom show came up with six seasons with stable ratings. Silicon Valley had greatly made an impact on pop culture. What more can come as a reward when a prominent business tycoon of the software industry made him recall his own experiences. He is none other than the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

Even though Silicon Valley garnered a massive fanbase and became very popular, still, there came a decision by HBO to discontinue the series after six seasons. Now it is obvious to feel strange that when a show is picking so much applause and is even nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, then why does it need to be canceled? Well, to know whether it is finally canceled or there is still little hope for season 7, read the article till the end.

Show Details 

TV series: Silicon Valley
Genre: Comedy
Created by: Mike Judge, John Altschuler & Dave Krinsky
Original network: HBO
Place Of Origin: United States
Star cast: Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Josh Brener, Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani & others
Original language: English
Number of seasons:  6
Number of episodes: 53

Silicon Valley season 7 Release Date

Story plot

Silicon Valley comes with an interesting story plot revolving around the five young people who are behind the foundation of a startup company. This American comedy TV series is based on the true experience of Mike Judge as an engineer in Silicon Valley during the late 80s. Also, the creator of the show brought a humorous take on contemporary technology and the geeks behind its creation. 

The story of this comedy show is about young tech-savvy buddies who aim to set up a startup business in Silicon Valley by launching a mobile app. The series showcases their journey in being non-professional business magnates. Richard Hendricks is a young tech-savvy who is employed at Hooli, a tech-based firm. He creates an application called Pied Piper that comprises a complete data shrinkage algorithm. 

And then a socially awkward billionaire and CEO of Raviga Capital gets a stake in this startup tech company. Richard, who is the coder and CEO of Pied Piper, goes for hiring people from the innovation incubator run by Erlich Bachman who has a 10% stake in Pied Piper. Among the hired ones include Dinesh Chugtai, Bertram Gilfoyle, and Jared Dunn.

Meanwhile, a close friend of Richard Hendricks, Nelson ‘’Big Head’’ Bighetti, accepts a considerable boost at Hooli despite being unskilled for the job. Gavin Belson, the main antagonist of the show and the CEO of Hooli, gives instructions to his employees to reverse engineer the algorithm of Pied Piper and pushes for the development of a similar product that matches with Nucleus (tech company). 


Then to present at an event conducted by the American online newspaper that puts prime emphasis on high-tech and startup companies, both Pied Piper and Nucleus give their presentations. The foremost highlight of its compressed technology-based cloud storage platform is its rich features. 

In the TechCrunch event, Gavin Belson introduces Nucleus, which is incorporated with all the services of Hooli and has the equivalent compressed performance to Pied Piper. But Richard has a new idea in his mind and keeps himself busy all night doing the coding. The next day he comes prepared with his final presentation and displays his product that greatly excels over Nucleus. It caught the eye of many curious investors. 

No More Spoilers

This was the summary of the first season of Silicon Valley. It won’t be fair to divulge an in-depth story of the following seasons. For that, you need to watch all six seasons if you haven’t watched the series yet. 

Briefing 2 actors of Silicon Valley

Thomas Middleditch

Thomas Middleditch plays the character of Richard Hendricks, the coder, CEO/founder of Pied Piper company. He is a talented actor from Canada born in 1982 on 10th March. He has starred in films including The Rebound, Night Home, The Campaign, Fun Size, The Wolf of Wall Street, Kong: Skull Island, Henchmen, Godzilla: King of Monsters, and the latest one in 2020 is Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe

In some of these movies, he has been a voice artist for the characters. The Canadian actor has also appeared in television series including Robotomy, Newsreaders, Drunk History, Rick and Morty (as voice artist), B Positive, and Amphibia

Matt Ross

Matt Ross plays the antagonist character Gavin Belson, the CEO, and founder of Hooli. Matt was born in 1972 on 3rd January in America. Other than acting, he is also into direction and screenwriting. Matt has been among the star cast of films including Little Cory Gory, Buffalo Soldiers, Pushing Tin, The Aviator, American Psycho, Face-Off, and Twelve Monkeys

The American actor has also made appearances in television series like Party of Five, Touched by an Angel, CSI: Miami, Magic City, Invasion, Ring of Fire, Revolution, Big Love, Third Watch, Just Shoot Me, Bones, and more. 

When to expect season 7 of Silicon Valley?

The premiere of the last season 6 came two years ago on 27th October and ended with 7 episodes in the same year on 8th December on HBO. Now if you have loved watching Silicon Valley then you might be interested to know the news of this comedy series. But sorry to disappoint you, it is not happening. Well, anything uncertain can happen in the TV entertainment world. So stop expecting the return of Silicon Valley. It is officially canceled.