Undone season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Undone season 2

If there is anything that is beyond our hold and control and is the most powerful element, then it is time. It is very hard for all of us to know it completely. The destiny of a person relies much on it. At one point it can make someone rich, and on the flip side can worsen the life of/her. So never think of fiddling with it because it is not that simple. 

However, when it comes to imagination, then all impossible can be turned into possible. All I mean to say is we can create our own imagination where it would be possible to go back to the past and future. In that way, it can be understood as something which can happen in reality and we can play with it at least once. 

Undone is one such adult animated show which is themed on this concept. It streams on Amazon Prime revolving around the story around time and the female character named Alma. The credit of bringing up a wonderful and unique story plot goes to Raphael Bob-Waksberg. He is the one who earned his stature with Bojack Horseman, an adult animated dark comedy series on Netflix. 

He is not the only person behind the concept of Undone. He is joined by Kate Prudy. Both of them are also behind the series production with other members including Steven Cohen, Tommy Pallotta, and Noel Bright. The direction of this adult animated show has been done by Hisko Hulsing. 

When Undone got released it garnered positive feedback and was praised by critics. Going by the review website this adult animated mystery drama bends well with time and space. The show is crafted well with a fantastic presentation. Now since the first season is over, all eyes must be waiting for the second installment of the Undone. So will it be hitting screens soon or not, let us find out in this article? 

Show Details 

TV Series: Undone
Genre: Comedy-drama Psychological drama Mystery
Created by: Raphael Bob-Waksberg & Kate Purdy
Directed by: Hisko Hulsing
Place Of Origin: United States
Star cast: Rosa Salazar, Angelique Cabral, Constance Marie, Siddharth Dhananjay & others
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 8

Undone season 2 Release Date

Story plot

The story of Undone revolves around a story of a girl named Alma. She is frustrated with the way her life is going through. Every time she feels a sense of boredom and unmeaning and is craving to come out of it. Alma is in a relationship with her boyfriend and lives with him. But the person whom she loves has become undoubtedly ill-tempered.  

On the other hand, her sister in comparison to her is leading a joyous life and is about to get into wedlock. Alma would have not bothered much had her life not been in a pitiable state. However, her life was not so miserable since childhood. She had been through happier days until the death of her father in a car accident came as a shock to her. 

The tragic incident of losing her father makes her life gloomy. All the happiness which she had been enjoying had evaporated since then. Her life seemed empty. Nothing could rejuvenate her. Alma starts leading an isolated life and gets mentally disturbed. Because of this, her relationships with people got soured. Every conversation ends up in the death of her father. The more she becomes tired of everyone around her, the more people also get irritated by her attitude. 

Already the demise of her father had hit Alma from within, she met with another unpleasant incident in the form of a car accident. At that time, she thought she was finally meeting with death. But then she regains her senses from the hospital bed and finds out changes in the laws of time. Alma even witnesses the spirit of her deceased father near to her. He explains to her what she has been going through. Initially, she feels as if she is hallucinating. 

Genetic disease

The mental disease is not the only case with Alma. She got this problem genetically from her grandmother who also suffered from schizophrenia. And she comes to know the truth about it from her father who earlier explained it but no one paid heed to it. While struggling with the unwanted possibility of going insane, Alma starts her exploration of traveling back into time. 

Time travel

She becomes familiar with the game and is assigned the task that would lead to change. But there is another main motive behind this task. And it is that while exploring the past, Alma is expected to prevent the death of her father. If she gets successful in her task, many other doors will open for her. 

Now whenever the premiere of the second season of Undone takes place, it would register various adventures of Alma during her travels back in time. Her journey will continue as a woman struggling with mental trauma. 

Briefing about the Undone main actress

Rosa Salazar

Rosa Salazar plays the central character, Alma, in the Undone series. She plays the woman who is tasked to change the time while going back. She develops a power to manipulate everything that has happened in the past including the car crash and death of her father. Rosa is an actress from Canada born in 1985 on 16th July. 

Apart from Undone, she has made appearances in films like Jamesy Boy, Good Crazy, The Kindergarten Teacher, Maze Runner (both the parts), Alita: Battle Angel, and the latest one in 2021 No Future. She has been the voice-over of a character named Roller Derby girl in the animated film Epic

Other than films, Rosa has also shown her acting prowess in other TV series including American Horror Story: Murder House, Man Seeking Woman, Ben and Kate, Boomerang, Nuclear Family, Body of Proof, Old Friends, and has also voiced for adult American sitcom Big Mouth

When to expect the second season of Undone?

The first season of Undone has been liked by the viewers for its engaging storyline. After the initial season, it was expected that season 2 would soon follow in 2021, but it could not happen so. Now it seems the series will make a comeback by the year 2022. No official confirmation of its release and episodes have come yet.