Astra Lost in Space Season 2. Renewal and Updates

Astra Lost in Space Season 2

The popular sci-fi anime Astra Lost in Space is anticipated to hit the screens soon. The previous season was concluded with a twist that created an uproar to the audience requesting for season two. Will there be a season two f the famous series Astra Lost in space? Continue reading to learn more.

Astra Lost in space, also known as Kanata no Astra, is an anime series streamed on Hulu TV in 2019. The series, an anime adaptation of the series that has the same name, was written by Kenta Shinohara and was declared on February 5, 2019, and was publicly aired on AT-X, KBS, SUN BS11and Tokyo on July 3, 2019. Fornication licensed the series.

Fan managed to enjoy watching the science fiction anime series, which Larche’s studio produced on September 18, 2019, where they released its last episode titled ‘Friend-ship. ‘They had already broadcasted 12 episodes before the fans were left in a dilemma without any idea of renewing the anime for the second season.

Astra Lost in Space
Astra Lost in Space

What Happened in The First Season of Astra Lost in Space?

It’s expected that by 2061, space travel can be established and commercially made available. Cardi High School plans for planet camp. When class 5B arrived at the campsite during the camp, a strange light beam harmed 9 students 5021 light-years away. These students managed to realize an old crewless spacecraft around them. Students are expected to be strong, sustain their available resources, and remain together during endless darkness. With this, they will survive the danger and return slowly to Astra. 

Some of the characters featured in the series include Kanata Hoshijima, who is referred to as an optimistic man with good athletic powers to captain in the Astra ship. Lucas Esposito is part of the character, acting as a natural and curious man gifted engineer capable of doing all the repairs he encounters the Astra. His father is a renowned, controversial senator. Later is revealed that Lucas is intersex. There are many other doctors.

Will There Be Season Two of Astra Lost in Space

The First Season of the Astra lost in space was aired on July 3, 2019. The first season was well received by the audience, where it managed to get a great score of 8.12 in MyAnimeList. Many fans are eagerly waiting for more on the Astra lot in space.

Although there are no official updates about its return, it will be better to say that Astra Lost in the space second season will be impossible to return on the screens. The main reason is that the anime has managed to adapt all 5 volumes. The time anime released the manga series. It had covered the whole series. Therefore, the anime will have to adjust the entire source as a single season. After all, is communicated, Lerche can’t do a season renewal since there are no materials for the series adaptation.

Does the Manga Provide Enough Sources Material

The series was written by Kenta Shinohara and published in the famous Shonen Jump magazine. The manga was streamed from May 2016 to December 2017. The series, which comprises the English translation, contains 5 volumes. The anime adaptation of the show is fully adapted to manga hence completing the whole story. Unluckily the manga stopped, and it’s not streamed anymore. The chances to receive second seasons as of this writing are very low.

However, the series consists of its fan base. It is equal to impossible to receive a new season while there are insufficient materials for the anime. This is a situation that is familiar from other many anime series. Fans should not expect to see season two of the series. It is also a pity to learn that the show doesn’t have a good ending. If there will be any news for Manga soon about its return, we will not hesitate to update.

Reception of the Series

The manga series was ranked third during the 2019 edition of Takaranimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugo guidebook and was awarded the manga Taisho awards. The anime also won the best media during the 51st Sein Award at the 59th Nihon SF Taikai.

Michele Liu of Anime News Network stated that the series is special since Luka is named the main character who is sired intersex other than been altered by sci-fi space diseases or even external influence.