Arslan season 3: The heroic legend of Arslan Senki Updates

Arslan Season 3

The Heroic Legend of Arslan is a famous Japanese novel series written by Yoshika Tanaka and was published from 1986 to 2017. The novel was adapted into six episodes while its original video animation was done between 1991 to 1995.

After many years, there is finally some hope for the return of Arslan Senki season 3. The anime went for a long hiatus after 2016. Regardless of many demands, Sanzigen and studio Liden Films have not yet renewed the 3rd season of the famous series. 

Luckily, according to recent speculations, the audience might soon get a new episode. When will the show be released? Continue reading for more information.

Arslan Senki Season 2; Renewal date

Regardless of being one of the famous and best historical fantasy series ever, Arslan Senki has not yet been released for the next episodes. However, fans have signed plenty of petitions requesting the revival of the popular show. Unfortunately, as of today, anime producers have yet to declare the renewal date, though this does not mean that the series is canceled. For instance, according to the latest speculations, the 3rd season might start production any time soon.

Arslan Senki
Arslan Senki

 Arslan Senki Season 2 Cancelled 

The Arslan Senki Novel show consists of 16 books which a published between 1986 to 2019. On the contrary, the second season of its anime adaptation concluded in 2016. Therefore, Arslan Senki season 3 contained no source material to adapt. Unlike other series, anime adaptations get a large amount of profit from selling their source materials.

Despite the franchise’s novel series being concluded, its manga adaptation is still in progress. Back in the days when the anime was released, it took little time to catch up with the manga. The first season captured the plot of the first three manga volumes. The manga took time to catch up with the contents of the anime’s season 2.

Today, twelve manga volumes have been released, while volume 13, titled New Battle, old Enemies, was released on October 20, 2020. The latest volume has moved past the storyline of the anime. Therefore, the anime producers have enough sources of materials to debut soon.

Most important, trustful rumors speculate that studio Liden Films, together with Felix Films, have been planning the production of Arslan Senki Season 3. However, this news has not yet been confirmed, though this is enough to give fans some hope about the future of the anime.

The Plot of the Season

The story features the exploits of Arslan, who is a crown prince of the fictional kingdom named Pars. The nearby nation of Lusitania overthrows pars. This happened after Arsan’s father, known as king Anaxagoras 111fall into a treacherous plot organized by his trusted retainers.

After escaping for his life, Arslan joins his loyal servant, named Daryun. He was supported by other companions, including Elam, a philosopher, tactician Narsus, and his servant’s youngest.

Also, Farangis, a cold priest, Grieves, who was a traveling musician and also a conman together with an aloof, stand against the overwhelming odds to gather an army that is strong enough to save his kingdom from the Lusitanian army, which an elusive warrior organized referred to as Sivermask. The silver mask was later recognized as another contender for the Pars throne.

In the other part of the plot, Arslan, who is the current king of Pars, decided to divide himself among preventing his nation against several external attacks, such as silver mask, which is majorly looking to claim the throne for himself and also convey the needs and the hopes of his people.

Arslan Senki Season 3: Release Date

As of this writing, the producers of the most famous anime are yet to confirm the release date of the most awaited season. It’s currently unknown if the present pandemic will affect the production schedule of Arslan Senki Season 3. However, it is expected that the production will commence by next year. If this takes place, fans will enjoy the sequel either towards the end of 2021 or early 2022. 

On the other hand, it’s normal for anime series to take much time in productions. However, we hope that the next episodes will premiere sooner.

Is There Enough Material for a New Season

Arslan Senki’s 25 episodes of the first season managed to adapt the first four novels of the plot. While season two captured the other two chapters of the two volumes of the source materials. Since the novel comprises sixteen books, the studio has ten more left. Therefore, Arlan Senki Season 3 has plenty of source materials for the adaptation.