You’re Cut Off! Season 3: Release Date, Cast, New Season/Cancelled?

You're Cut Off! Season 3

There have been numerous television reality shows that have gained massive TRP for their content and controversies but not most of them have been able to gain as much popularity as You’re Cut Off!

You’re Cut Off! is a television reality show that features nine young women. It premiered on June 9, 2010, and aired on the VH1 channel. It revolves around the lives of nine spoiled brats who participate in a show named The Good Life and later it is revealed to them that they have been cut off from all the facilities provided to them by their families.

The show has been made in a series form to cover all the steps involved in the brats turning into responsible individuals. After their families have cut them off of all the privileges, they are forced to make improvements in themselves about their spending habits and be more responsible. 

Ever since the second season of the show went off-air, its fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of its next season. Will there be a next season to the show? Let’s find out!

Show details:

TV Series: You’re Cut Off!
Genre: Reality drama
Original run: June 9, 2010 –

February 28, 2011

Producers Brandon Panaligan

Hubert Lin

Allison Grodner

Rich Meehan

Amy Palmer Robertson

Rick de Oliveira

Kari McFarland

Shelly Tatro

Jeff Olde

Composer: Morningwood
Starcast: Amber Smith

Courtnee Mason Charlotte

Erica Rose

Gia Khay

Jaqueline Madden

Jessica Cimato Howell

Leanne Stern

Pamela Lynn Blazewski

Cinematography: Troy Dunnagan
Original language: English

You're Cut Off! Season 3 Release Date

More about the show:

Like we mentioned previously, You’re Cut Off! is a television reality show that aired on the VH1 reality show. It was judged by Laura Baron and the entire show was narrated by Rob Locke. 

The opening theme of the show was Sugarbaby and was composed by Morningwood. It was made in the United States and had 2 seasons. The show had a total of 16 episodes and the executive producers of the show are Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan, Amy Palmer Robertson, Rick de Oliveira, Kari McFarland, Shelly Tatro, and Jeff Olde. 

The show has been produced by Brandon Panaligan and Hubert Lin. The Cinematography of the show has been done by Troy Dunnagan and each of the episodes was approximately 60 minutes long. The Production company involved in its production was Fly on the Wall Entertainment. The show originally aired on VH1 and it aired from June 9, 2010, to February 28, 2011.


Like we mentioned earlier, there have been countless shows made across the globe that have come to light due to their content and controversy but not each of them has had the ability to compete with You’re Cut Off! 

The show roped in nine spoiled brats who were expelled from their families due to their reckless living and spending habits. There was only one way to be accepted back by their families. It was to participate in this show named You’re Cut Off! and go through a series of life-changing experiences and turn out into a more responsible human being. 

Initially, the nine women are bluffed by telling them about a show named “The good life” (a hypothetical show) that would be featuring their amazingly luxurious lives. It is only gradually that the true story completely unfolds before them and they are shocked to know that they have been turned down by their families due to their behavior and shall have to make necessary improvements to find a way back into their families. 

The show was originally aired on VH1 and it premiered on June 9, 2010.  


The nine women who were featured in this show as its contestants were Amber Smith from Savannah in Georgia, Courtnee Mason from Charlotte in North Carolina, Erica Rose from Houston in Texas, Gia Khay from Sherman Oaks in California, Jaqueline Madden from Mahwah in New Jersey, Jessica Cimato Howell from New Jersey, Leanne Stern from Beverly Hills in California, and  Pamela Lynn Blazewski from Manhattan in New York.

The Former Castmate of the show was Chrissy O’Keith from Los Angeles in California and the show was hosted by Laura Baron who was a professional Life Coach and Life Strategist. Its British Narrator was Rob Locke. 

The second season of the show featured Aimee Johnson from Houston, Texas; Hana Hills from Hollywood, California; Jessica Koussevitzky from Lauderdale-By-the-Sea, Florida;  Lauren Grissom from Nashville, Tennessee; Marcy Guevara from Buena Park, California; Marissa Erskine from Upper Freehold, New Jersey; and Nadia Atiqi from Katy, Texas.


The show had two seasons. Each season had 8 episodes. Each episode of the season was dedicated to one of its participants. These participants had to pass one episode to maintain their position in the game. 

  • The first episode of season 1 was named “You’re So Not It, Girl”.
  • The second episode of season 1 was named “Live Fab…Now Pay The Tab”.
  • The third episode of season 1 was named “Do You Want Fries With That?”
  • The fourth episode of season 1 was named “Frugal Fashion?”
  • The fifth episode of season 1 was named “The Allure of Manure”.
  • The sixth episode of season 1 was named “Volunteer Vixens”.
  • The seventh episode of season 1 was named “Alone On The Range”.
  • The eighth episode of season 1 was named “Graduation Day”.

Will there be a third season?

Ever since the second season of the show went off the air, fans of the show have been waiting eagerly for the release of its next season or at least an announcement about it. 

To date, there haven’t been any announcements made by the makers of the show about its third season. Some have been suggesting that the makers might have taken it down due to the slight fall in its TRP ratings while some suggest that this time the makers might be planning an improved concept for the show which could cost them some extra time. 

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